How to create amazing emotional content without writing a book

How To Create Amazing Emotive Content Without Writing A Word

I presented my talk, “Emotions over Logic: Creating & Promoting A Book That Sparks A Reaction” – sharing a few of the insights into the creation, publication, and promotion of best-selling books that I have learnt over the years. I would love to share a few of these thoughts on using emotion to create engaging content with you.


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Write Business Results at EMC
Another speaker to look forward to is me – Georgia Kirke, Write Business Results founder. Along with my talented team have helped create around 1200 books, blogs, and podcasts. So, keep an eye out for us at EMC – Wednesday 30th of November until Friday 2nd of December this year in London! You can see the full lineup of speakers and learn more about the event here.

Leverage Your Content

5 Ways To Leverage Your Content And Overcome A Creative Drought

Finding the space in your schedule to work on your content is a challenge for all of us – we all run out of time now and again. I have had those weeks too, but there is one thing that has been a lifesaver every time – using the content I already have as a resource. These are just a few of the strategies