Join Us At EMC 2022 And Master Marketing Secrets From The Experts

Write Business Results at EMC
Another speaker to look forward to is me – Georgia Kirke, Write Business Results founder. Along with my talented team have helped create around 1200 books, blogs, and podcasts. So, keep an eye out for us at EMC – Wednesday 30th of November until Friday 2nd of December this year in London! You can see the full lineup of speakers and learn more about the event here.

Samantha Hearne

How To Build Your Brand And Business And Keep The Money Talk Real By Georgia Kirke with special guest Samantha Hearne

Building a personal brand is exhilarating, sometimes exhausting, and then there’s lots of talk about money that might occasionally make you feel a bit cringe! What do you believe about money? Does it drive you? Is it a dirty word? Do you bump up again ...

Baiju Solanki

How To Master Your Inner Game, Boost Your Brand And Reap The Rewards By Georgia Kirke with special guest Baiju Solanki 

Do you ever find yourself building your personal brand with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake? Would you love to find ways to drop the stop-start and share your brilliant content with the people who really need to know about your ser ...