1. I’m interested in multiple services (book, blog, podcast). Do you offer any package deals or discounts?

Yes. Book in a Clarity Call with our Director, Georgia, to discuss the best level of support for your goals.

2. I don’t have a large audience yet. Can publishing a book/blog/podcast help grow my audience?

Absolutely. Publishing a book, launching a podcast, or starting a blog are all effective strategies for building your audience and taking ownership of your intellectual niche. By sharing your expertise and insights, you can attract and engage your target audience, growing your brand in the process.

3. Can you turn my blog or podcast into a book?

Yes. It needs a careful plan and a structure, and more content will be needed to fill any gaps. This can be a smart approach to becoming a published author without reinventing the wheel. Book a Clarity Call to explore how this could work for you.

4. How involved will I need to be in the Content Creation Process™?

Whilst our team does the heavy lifting, your input is crucial to create content that’s authentically yours. Through calls and consultations, you’ll provide the raw material that we shape into a polished final product. You’ll also review drafts at set points. We provide short explainer videos, checklists and follow-up to guide your review, directing your focus.

5. Can the price for your services be negotiated?

We don’t negotiate on price as the deliverables are set, your team are scheduled to be available for your project for up to a year and the support we provide is strong and result-driven. Our team is highly skilled and we work closely with committed, growth-focused business leaders. Our prices reflect the quality and expertise that go into each project.

6. How do you use AI in your processes?

We use AI occasionally as an assistive tool only where it adds to quality and efficiency, but never to generate written content. Our focus is on ensuring your message is presented to the highest quality and in your specific voice – we find AI is not good enough in that area yet, so all written content is produced by our expert copywriters and editors.


1. How will my book stand out from similar-themed books in the market?

Your book isn’t just meant to compete with others, but rather, it’s designed to compel a specific audience to act. In your Kickstarter Call, we’ll help you develop your book’s purpose, theme, audience, topic, and structure. From there, we can check what’s currently available online, but remember, what matters most is the unique value your book brings to your intended audience.

2. How does the Content Creation Process™ work?

It is broken down into five modules: Plan, Produce, Publish, Promote, Propel.

Our Content Developer, Ivan, will ask you pointed questions to steer your book in the right direction. His approach involves challenging authors to dig deeper, explain differently, and provide examples and stories. He is a well-loved figure among our authors and gets top results.

Your dedicated Editor, Kat or Chris, will write up your spoken word as a book manuscript. She’ll collaborate with Ivan behind the scenes to sign off your book internally before sharing it with you and guiding your review. Kat and Chris are technically excellent, highly empathetic and love turning your words into writing with a commercial purpose! They receive feedback like this:

“Kat, this chapter is so well done I am wordless, except for the word grateful. This flows well and connects all the dots. Thank you for helping bring my thoughts and ramblings to such life!” – Mike Easley, author of The Antics and The No-Os of Leadership 

“I just want to let you know how happy I am with the book now. So blown away how you guys have transformed it. Ivan and Chris have been amazing!” – Adam Cerra, author of High-Ticket Revolution

You can learn more about them here

Your book will be proofread by Rory or Dave, designed by Nat or Francesca, and self-published or traditionally published (we help with that, too!) 

Next, your Content Copywriters, George and Sogi, will activate your Bestselling Book Launch campaign to achieve that coveted #1 bestseller status. 

And from there, we’ll coach you through ongoing book marketing to build your personal brand.

You have one main point of contact throughout the process to keep the project on track and a go-to for any questions.

You’ll have a complete book strategy, production, publication and promotion team behind you; we love working with purpose-driven leaders on interesting topics. Hopefully the feeling is mutual, as reflected in our Google page reviews!

3. I’m a first-time writer with no experience. How can you help me in the writing process?

No worries! We’re here for you. We’ll do all the writing for you. All you need to do is participate in your calls with your Content Developer and speak your content based on his prompts. It’s a convenient and time-effective way to become an author, even with zero writing skills!

4. Can we set the schedule for more than 12 months, considering my personal commitments?

Our contracts are usually set to 12 months to ensure content coherence. But we understand your personal circumstances and will provide the support you need to ensure a smooth process. We believe focusing on completing your content calls consistently will save you a lot of time in the future. We are fully equipped to guide first-time authors throughout the process.

5. What kind of coaching questions and techniques are used to develop the book’s content?

We start with staple questions that all book chapters need to cover, and then tailor your Content Consultations based on a number of factors like your communication style, challenges, and more. Ivan’s goal is to make the best use of your time and draw out your most compelling content whilst ensuring you have an enjoyable experience.

6. What is the difference between self-publishing, hybrid publishing and traditional publishing?

Self-publishing is the process of publishing your content yourself, at your own expense, without the use of a traditional publisher. Typically this means publishing and selling your book on a platform like Amazon KDP or Lulu Direct.

Hybrid publishing is a mix of self-publishing and traditional publishing. A hybrid publisher takes an upfront fee and assists with some marketing and distribution. 

Traditional publishing is using a publishing house to help distribute your book. They typically take care of the proofreading, design and wider distribution of your book.

The right fit for you is a strategic decision that depends on your goals. We will help you determine which is best. Learn more about the three routes to publishing here.

7. Can you connect me with publishers?

Whilst we can’t guarantee a response from any specific publisher, we do have relationships with many publishers and will always send your submission directly to the right ones after establishing the business case and draft marketing strategy with you.

8. Are there any additional charges relating to tax forms and royalty payments?

Possibly. At the time of writing, there is no tax withholding for U.K. authors to sell their books via U.S. platforms. The Amazon form will inform us when your account is set up, if you self-publish. Each country has its own laws around tax from book profits, so this is something we would discuss in more detail once you start. If you are traditionally publishing, you can discuss this with your publisher.

9. What should a first-time author realistically expect as a return on their investment (ROI) in having their book professionally produced?

Your book is designed to create massive credibility, and the return comes from how you leverage that. The key is focusing on the long-term ROI potential, using your book as a tool for growth through ongoing content schedules (repurposing content) for brand building, speaking engagements, lead generation, brand awareness, client nurturing, building company culture, strategic partnerships and preparing your business for exit.

Each time we discuss our support with a future author, we ask questions about their business, goals and audience before we ask about their book topic. This helps us to determine that our authors all have a reasonable chance of achieving their goals including a financial return in their first year. 

Hear from a few of our authors explaining their results after producing their business book with Write Business Results:

Jonathan Gibson

Arfa Iqbal

Doug Bennett

10. How do I get someone else to write the foreword for the book?

The selection of potential foreword contributors is part of the strategic planning once some content is recorded. The goal is to have someone well-known to the readers or with an impressive title to lend more credibility to the book and the author. We have examples and guidance notes to help you.

11. Do you offer “bolt-on support”?

“Bolt-on support” refers to any extra services you may want to add, such as creating a Kindle version or audiobook, extra design work for images, additional content recordings and second editions, and additional marketing content. These can be added as you go and are not necessary to confirm at the start. Our done-for-you services contain everything you need to produce, publish and launch your book. Our agency provides blog and podcast services to help you continue to build your thought leadership and further your reach.

12. What kind of authors do you typically work with?

We work with established, growth-focussed business leaders who wish to use books, blogs, and podcasts as a means to build their brand and audience. If you’re passionate about your message and want to share it with the world, we’re here to help you. 

The people who benefit most from our work:

  •  Finish what they start.
  • Carry out their commitments to a high standard.
  • Look for and maximise opportunities.
  • Communicate and collaborate.
  • Trust the process (even if it’s scary at first!).

Read more about our clients here and our vision, mission, values here. 

13. I have an idea for a book, but I’m not sure how to structure it. Can you help with that?

Absolutely! Our team will guide you through the process of organising your ideas into a cohesive, compelling structure. This includes identifying your book’s purpose, theme, audience, and main topics during your Kickstarter Call.

14. What is the typical timeline for publishing a book with your company?

Depending on the service, timeframes range from 12 weeks to one year. This timeline allows for a comprehensive and high-quality process of content development, writing, editing, proofreading, design, publishing and launch.

15. I’m worried I won’t have enough content for a book. Can you still help me?

Definitely! We find that established business leaders often know far more than they realise. Our experienced team excels at drawing out your unique insights, experiences, and knowledge. You might be surprised at just how much valuable content you have stored away over your years in business.

16. How do you handle the editing and proofreading process?

Our team includes professional Editors who work with you to ensure your content is clear, compelling, and free of errors. They will review and refine your content to make sure it’s ready for publication. Editors are responsible for ensuring a book has a solid structure, high-quality content and YOUR tone of voice throughout.

Proofreaders are responsible for spelling, grammar, reference checks and contextual checks. Proofreading takes place after your edits.


1. I’ve never blogged before. Can you guide me through the process?

Yes, we provide comprehensive blogging support, from defining your blog’s target audience and main topics to helping you create engaging, SEO-friendly content that drives traffic to your site and turns your site into the go-to online resource.


1. I’m interested in starting a podcast. What kind of support do you offer for this?

Our team can assist you with the entire process of launching a successful podcast. This includes defining the podcast’s theme and structure, creating engaging content, producing what you record and post-launch marketing plus strategies for ongoing promotion.