Dear entrepreneur,

You’ve probably thought about writing a book on more than one occasion… It plays on the minds of experts and leaders around the world.

For most entrepreneurs, the idea of writing a book is always present, bubbling under the surface, waiting for its perfect moment to come to life…

…unfortunately though, often this idea phase is as far as their book ever gets. It stays there, like that itch right between your shoulder blades that you can never quite reach.

When it comes to writing a book, entrepreneurs and thought leaders face the same external challenges that stop them from becoming authors:

These obstacles cause countless book ideas to lay dormant, collecting dust in the minds of millions of would-be authors. That’s why I created this simple 3-part crash course.

3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Brand & Profits With A Bestselling Book

This step-by-step video training teaches the exact process my clients use to create, launch and monetise multiple #1 bestsellers, Amazon Movers & Shakers and Top 20 listers in the business and personal development space in under 90 minutes.


Hi! I’m Georgia Kirke, owner of Write Business Results. For the last 5 years, I have been helping experienced entrepreneurs build up their personal brands through the creation of expert content – specifically, books.

Early on in my career, I noticed a real desire for busy business owners and thought leaders to share their knowledge with the world and help as many people as possible.
But almost all of them had the same problems – lack of time, expertise, process and support.

I combined my love of books and people with my passion for entrepreneurship to create the Book Creation Process™. Over the last few years, using this process, I have been able to turn the ideas of hundreds of industry experts into expert positioning books responsible for generating five, six and even seven figures of additional revenues in the first 12-18 months of publishing.

And that is why I created 3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Brand & Profits With A Bestselling Book.

You see, authoring a brilliant book doesn’t have to be a scary, stressful, life-consuming project.

All you need are a few simple, proven strategies to help get your ideas off the ground and you’ll be rolling out your first draft in no time!


Module 1: Create

Module 2: Launch

Module 3: Monetise

In 3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Brand & Profits With A Bestselling Book, I will show you how to leverage your book to generate significant new business in the first 12-18 months of publishing and beyond.

If you don't believe its possible, just ask these folks...

“If you are serious about writing a book, I would highly recommend Georgia Kirke and her outstanding team at Write Business Results. I had been wanting to write a book since 2015 and although I wanted the content to represent the why, how and what of my approach to wealth planning, I really didn’t have a clue where to start and how much to write – furthermore, as a family man and business owner, I really needed someone who would coach and encourage me, someone who would keep me on track and provide a clear and transparent journey to follow. Georgia is incredibly patient and a true professional and if you’re serious about being an author then see Write Business Results as an investment in yourself and your business – you won’t regret it.”

Jonathan Gibson
Author of Purposeful Wealth And Independent Wealth Planner

“Having had Georgia in my world for the last couple of years, I am in no doubt that there is no other team that can help me get the essence of my story, knowledge & experience out there in the world in my book, podcast and blog. I received guidance in not only the content creation, formatting and structure, but also marketing know-how about how to get it out there in the real world so that it delivers the value to my readers and generates me more business. If you are an expert in what you do and have a book in you (which we all do) then I highly recommend this programme.”

Lisa Catto
The Business Catalyst, Award-Winning Keap Partner

“Georgia, at Write Business Results, did a phenomenal job helping me to create and publish my most recent book Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity which went straight in at number 1 on the charts at 7.34am on the day of its release.

I did my homework on a number of companies before choosing to collaborate with Write Business Results on this project and I was not disappointed. Very quick to get back with you and pragmatic solutions.

Highly recommended for your next book project.”

Dan Bradbury
Award-Winning Marketer And A Two-Time Bestselling Author

“You have a fantastic idea for a book and you know it will sell, but where do you start? There are so many aspects to taking your book from being a fantastic idea to getting it into print, no wonder most people’s dreams of writing a book never get off the ground.

If you are really serious about getting your book written and published then you need to engage Georgia. Not only is she an expert in the whole book writing and publishing process, she is an excellent coach and problem solver, motivating you when you need it, providing you with suggestions and solutions, giving you a simple plan to follow, keeping you on track and accountable… and before you know it there it is… you have your book!

Apart from being extremely knowledgeable about the Industry, Georgia is also kind, caring, and thoughtful… and she also has a genuinely funny sense of humour!

Georgia was recommended to us by someone who had engaged her services previously and we were really happy that we took their advice. We have had such a positive experience and fully recommend her services.”

Nicky Taylor
Author Of Bestselling Book – Be More Kid

“If you want to get your great ideas and expertise into words in the form of a book, then Georgia and her team will make it happen. She helped me understand self-publishing and develop a framework for creating future content. She is generous with her time, open with ideas and good fun to work with.”

Jason Butler
Global Financial Wellbeing Expert

“Well that was easier than I imagined”. I’ve always thought I had a book in me, we all do! I spoke to Georgia, and the next thing I know Goals do come True is on its way to a publisher for consideration. “How did that happen?” I muse!

A solid defined process, incredible patience, encouragement and support on a very effective pathway to getting it done.

My “follow through” is very low, so in general the chance of pulling this off on my own is close to zero, but Georgia has guided, cajoled and nudged where necessary, all in a fun, effective and incredibly professional way.

If you’ve got a book inside you and you want to make it happen, speak to Georgia Kirke!”

Doug Bennett
Author & Podcast Host Of Goals Do Come True, Entrepreneur

“I have the honour of being Georgia’s first client. She is really great to work with; she took my rambling client stories and really helped me craft a book that exceeded my expectations. I would have no hesitation in recommending her. ‘If you are thinking of doing a book….and are looking for someone to help make it a reality Georgia is your girl!”

Mark Bradley
I Help People Make Informed Decisions On Their Final Salary Pensions

“Georgia and the team go above and beyond to help your message come to life in your book. The sign of a true professional company is that no matter what, they want you to be happy and will make sure you are matched with the right support along the way.
Setting up all the accounts and the techie side of it all stresses me so to have it taken taken off my hands was heaven so I was free to be creative to author my book from the heart without stress,

I really do recommend WBR 10/10

That’s why I’m coming back for more assistance with book no2. Thanks to all the team”

Caroline Sanderson
Educating And Empowering Salon Professionals To Become Salon Jedi Masters Of Their Minds & Their Business, Author of Two Books And Two-Time Bestselling Author

“The Write Business results team have enabled me to begin to build my personal brand using books, blogs and more recently a podcast. All this just being interviewed for an hour every two weeks! They have made it incredibly easy to share my expertise with the outside world which in turn promotes my companies and the companies I work with in a thoroughly modern way! “

Guy Remond
Non-Exec Director, Entrepreneur, Investor and Author of Three Books

“2 years ago I went on a book writing boot camp with Georgia. Without this structure and considered start I would not have been able to create my first book.
Her approach and knowledge in getting my idea into a framework set the direction and I’m forever grateful.

It took me a while and some collaborations to finally complete. But now done!
I have already recommended a number of people to Georgia and I will continue to do so. Smart, structured and caring.”

Ross Thornley
Entrepreneur, CEO, Adaptability Quotient ‘AQ’ Pioneer, Author & Speaker

“Are you thinking of writing a book? Are you thinking of putting pen to paper? My advice would be stop thinking and take some action by contacting Georgia. I did and I wish I’d have done it earlier. Georgia will map out the journey, guide you through the process and share an abundance of hints and tips throughout. Her knowledge, experience and expertise is worth its weight in gold. So be an action taker, not an excuse maker and get in touch with Georgia and her team of book writing experts. You’ll have heaps of fun as well. “

Gavin Scott
International Customer Service Speaker & Professional Virtual Online Educator –
Author of Finding Gold Dust How to Create Exceptional Customer Experiences

In 3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Brand & Profits With A Bestselling Book, I have taken lessons, tips, tricks, tactics and strategies I have learned over the last 5 years and condensed them down into just 90 minutes of video training.

That means in a little over an hour, you can start implementing some of the strategies my clients use to create multiple bestsellers and land massive publishing deals with the likes of Wiley Capstone and Orion Spring.

Just think of what a deal like that could do for your brand.

You can get started on this journey right now for £19.99+VAT.


At £19.99, there’s no major profit on this product. In fact, at times it’ll cost me about that just to show it to you! (The joy of marketing spend).

But, if you take my offer and get massive value from it (I am confident you will), then you just might become a really great client of mine in the future…or at least recommend me to your friends.

If not, that’s fine too! As long as you implement what I’m teaching you in these videos you will get incredible value and to me, that’s worth the risk.

When I explained this to my FD , he loved the idea but, as FDs do, he wanted some order to things and added a deadline to the offer, so to take advantage, you need to act fast.

In a few short days, the entry price of 3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Brand & Profits With A Bestselling Book will increase.

So this is the deal now, but it wont be here forever. And if this massive discount isn’t reason enough to act now, I’m about to make things a lot more interesting…

When you sign up to the 3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Brand & Profits With A Bestselling Book, I will throw in these 3 awesome bonuses:

BONUS #1: Instant access to the WBR Facebook community

Doing everything on your own can be a lonely experience.

That’s why I’m giving you full, lifetime access to my private networking group full of business owners, thought-leaders and renowned authors.

Remember all the testimonials I shared above? Well, these are the exact people you can reach out to and connect with in this group, as well as many others.

Don’t miss out!

BONUS #2: Extra supporting content

Alongside the 3-part video series, I’ve also put together 3 downloadable pdf files full of great content to help you implement everything you learn.

They are:

BONUS #3: Live Q&A training session

Join me for an awesome 90-minute live training session where I will be answering any questions you have on the 3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Brand & Profits With A Bestselling Book video training.

This will be a chance for you to get some real one-to-one support from myself and the WBR team to ensure you are on the right path.

I highly recommend it!


Now, at this stage you probably still have some doubts if this is right for you, or if it even works. I get it. But the only way you are going to know for certain is if you try it out for yourself.

Which is why I’m going to make it 100% risk-free for you with a 21-day promise.

That means you can buy 3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Brand & Profits With A Bestselling Book, implement the training for a full 21 days, and if it doesn’t blow you away I’ll give you every penny back, that same day, no questions asked!

I’ll even let you keep the training, too!

I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt here so no cheating please…

That is how confident I am that you’re going to love this training.

Call me crazy, but I have always been a big believer in the idea that if you provide people with enough value first, money will follow.

That’s the Write Business Results mantra and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
(My FD might though…)

So, right now you have three choices:

Option 1

After reading this letter you decide not to act today, leaving your awesome book idea to collect dust in your head.

Option 2

You decide to do something about it. You leave this page and spend hours online trying to find another solution to help you write that book you’ve always wanted. If so, then good luck! I hope you eventually work it out.

Option 3

You decide to try out 3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Brand & Profits With A Bestselling Book with ZERO risk and let me help you create your awesome book. Remember, if for any reason you decide it’s not for you within 21 days, I’ll give you back every single penny.

PLUS you get to keep the training.

Who knows, maybe you’ll use it in the future or give it to a friend as a gift (it would make a great gift, by the way).

Worst case – you’ve lost nothing by saying yes.

Best case – you’ve finally found a way to create and market that book! The itch has been scratched and you’ll be getting paid for it, too.

Your call.


Will this content help me build my personal brand?

Write Business Results helps entrepreneurs build their personal brands by providing production, publishing, coaching and training on all aspects of their clients’ incredible content. The three main types of content that we see consistently achieve high brand recognition are books, blogs and podcasts. They work even better together than alone to create connection, value, engagement and massive impact. Through a strategic creative focus on building relationships, recognition and revenue, your books, blogs and podcasts will propel you to the forefront of your industry.

Can these results be achieved remotely?

Yes! Write Business Results is a 100% remote business and team and has been since we started in 2015. We have the systems, tech and people in place to deliver a transformational personal branding experience without leaving your normal work environment. Our online training is an extension of how we serve our clients every single day.

How does Write Business Results normally work?

We understand that entrepreneurs frequently manage many spinning plates and want you to experience the full benefits of being at the forefront of your industry, without adding to your to-do list. This is why we develop and continually evolve our own in-house creation processes: The Book Creation Process™ and The Relationship, Recognition & Revenue Framework™. Each individual piece of content has its own micro-processes that enable the production of highly-engaging, original content in the author’s tone of voice.

How do I know this is for me?

Write Business Results supports busy entrepreneurs with an important message to share, who want to build their relationships, recognition & revenue, whilst keeping their focus on their key activities. Engaging with this training will provide full clarity on what you’re doing right already as well as where you’ll benefit from support, and it gives you access to follow up directly with Georgia and the Write Business Results team with any questions that pop up along the way. By the end of this training, you will know what your next steps are in your author journey and will have the option to continue receiving support from Write Business Results should you want or need it.