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“The Write Business Results team enabled me to begin building my personal brand using books, blogs and more recently a podcast, all this just being interviewed for an hour every two weeks! They have made it incredibly easy to share my expertise with the outside world which, in turn, promotes my companies and the companies I work with in a thoroughly modern way!” 

Guy Remond, investor, speaker, non-executive director and author of Creating & Maintaining Cultural Excellence In Technical Teams

why is publishing content so important?

To be active in your business community

You are seen as the go-to in your space

Collaborate with other experts

Build your tribe

Generate more leads

Maximise the performance of your advertising and online promotion

Create commercial assets that help you to grow your business

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Why building a Personal Brand is so important

Georgia, thanks for making this book a reality. It was stuck in my head for nearly 2 years before you helped me free it.

Dan Bradbury, founder of Dan Bradbury Ltd, investor, business coach, author of Breeding Gazelles and Turnover Is Vanity, Profit Is Sanity: 9 1/2 Steps To Improving Your Profits And Cashflow

Thanks to Georgia Kirke and Write Business Results for making publishing this book possible. It has been promoted to lawyers across the UK, and helped me to become widely known within my professional niche.

Yair Cohen, founder of Cohen Davis Solicitors, the UK's first Internet Lawyer and author of The Net Is Closing: birth of the e-police.

A big thank you to Georgia Kirke and her team at Write Business Results for their sterling efforts in helping me pull this book together. Georgia’s enthusiasm and support has made the Book Creation Process™ a very pleasurable experience.

Jason Butler, Financial Times columnist, speaker, investor, author of Squeezing The Orange and Money Moments

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