The Top 8 Business Book Awards For 2023 And Why You Need To Enter Them

By Georgia Kirke

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve already published a book or are – at the very least – thinking of going down this path. Publishing a book is an incredible feat, no doubt, but have you ever wondered if there was an extra notch to add to your belt?

I was absolutely thrilled when one of our clients Jodie Rogers reached out to inform me that her book The Hidden Edge had been shortlisted for the 2022 Business Book Awards. Winning a book award (or even making a shortlist) is a great expert positioning strategy because it sets you apart within your niche, offering you a new prestigious status.

Here are the top eight business book awards to look out for this year, in no particular order:

  • Axiom Business Book Awards

  • Nautilus Book Awards

  • The Business Book Awards

  • Non-Obvious Book Awards

  • Goody Business Book Awards

  • The Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award

  • Porchlight Business Book Awards

  • CMI Management Book of the Year 

Why should you enter?

A business book award is a badge of honour that verifies your credibility, setting you apart from other thought leaders within your niche. Overall, it’s an excellent path to explore if you’re in search of validation and an objective seal of approval for your book.

More importantly, it opens the door to numerous opportunities for personal brand awareness and development. You can leverage your new status to increase your reach and visibility within the industry.

With the non-fiction market expanding by 5.7 per cent within the past year, there are multiple opportunities for you to carve a place for yourself by leveraging any of the following awards:

Axiom Business Book Awards

Started in 2007, the Axiom Business Book Awards are one of the largest and most prestigious prizes for business books. They’re highly competitive and span 25 business categories, ranging from business theory to advertising and philanthropy. Their mission isn’t merely to recognise exemplary business books and their creators but also to help readers discover new, innovative work. 

Winning titles are typically business books that provide immense value for readers, helping them to understand changing trends and technologies within the industry. So, if your book fits this description, you just might be eligible for a shiny gold seal. 

So far, these awards have produced incredible medalists such as former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and Nobel laureate Robert J. Shiller. Like these notable names, you too can get the chance to join the list of Axiom award medalists. 

Although entries for 2023 are currently closed, it’s definitely something to set your sights on for the next year.

Entry requirements and guidelines:

  • English-language books intended for an American market. 

  • Ebooks may be entered alongside print books for all categories.

  • Authors are required to submit two copies of their title per category.

Entry fee: $95 per category.

Nautilus Book Awards

“Better books for a better world.”

When you visit the Nautilus website, this phrase – written in big, bold letters – greets you. These simple words embody what the Nautilus Book Awards stands for. This award was created to recognise and promote books that uphold the four Nautilus values which are:

  • Conscious living and sustainability

  • Health and wellness

  • Spiritual growth

  • Social change and social justice

Fortunately, titles don’t have to reflect all four of these values to earn first place. However, the more of these values that are infused in your book, the more likely you are to be a Nautilus winner. 

Entry guidelines and requirements:

  • Print books in the English language.

  • Authors must submit four copies of their book. If you enter the same title into other categories, you have to submit three extra copies for each additional category.

Entry fee: Early entries cost $170 per title in one category and a further $140 for the same title if entered into an additional category. Regular entries cost $190 per title and $150 for additional categories. 

The Business Book Awards

The Business Book Awards is a UK-based competition created to promote and celebrate authors of business books who have shared their industry knowledge, experience and expertise in published book form. 

As an equal-opportunity competition, it provides every business book author and publisher the chance to participate in an impartial judging process headed by a diverse panel of industry experts. Ultimately, authors who go through this process get further recognition and, of course, increased sales as every book submitted will be showcased on the official website 

If this sounds good, why not enter now?

Entry guidelines and requirements:

  • Participants will need to submit a completed entry form alongside four copies of their book. 

Entry fee: £80 per entry.

Non-Obvious Book Awards

The Non-Obvious Book Awards is a leading awards program created specifically for people who love books. If you’re an unconventional author who loves to break away from the norm, you’ll definitely love this program.

While your book must have applications for business to be considered for this prize, it doesn’t necessarily have to be categorised as a business book. As long as it can boost entrepreneurial development and success, it’s smooth sailing for you. 

The best part? The Non-Obvious Book Awards do not accept any form of entry payment or bribes for consideration – not even delicious chocolate!

Entry requirements and guidelines:

  • Books with a publication date between November 2022 and December 2023.

  • Published books only (no ebooks or digital format).

  • Authors must submit a complete entry form alongside two review copies of their book.

Entry fee: N/A

Goody Business Book Awards

If you’re an author of a business book who’s making a real societal impact with your words, you just might have a chance with the Goody Business Book Awards. Founded by Liz H. Kelly, this awards program is an extension of Goody PR and was designed to amplify authors making a positive impact. 

If this sounds like you, you can nominate your book by 30 September 2023 for a chance to get recognised in your area of expertise. 

Entry guidelines and requirements:

  • Authors will need to submit the entry form alongside the book’s PDF and JPEG of the cover.

  • A detailed note explaining the positive impact of the book.

Entry fee: $75 per category.

The Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award

According to the website, the Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award was designed to identify and promote the book with the most comprehensive and compelling insight into modern business issues. 

While anyone can enter, you have a high chance of emerging successful if the insights contained within your book are deemed likely to stand the test of time. Last year’s winner was Chris Miller’s Chip War, a detailed account of the global battle for semiconductor supremacy.

This award comes with a pretty handsome prize of £30,000 for the winner, and £10,000 for shortlisted authors. 

Entry guidelines and requirements:

  • Books can only be submitted by publishers for consideration. 

Entry fee: N/A

Porchlight Business Book Awards

The Porchlight Business Book Awards exists to recognise the best books published every year and to celebrate the bright minds behind them. While most of its shortlisted books may not be considered conventional business books, they are vital and useful for businesses around the globe.

The awards span eight categories ranging from leadership and strategy to narratives. If this sounds like it’s right up your alley, why not make an entry now?

Entry guidelines and requirements:

  • Any business book originally published in 2022 can be submitted for consideration.

  • Books can only be submitted by the publisher, agent, or author.

Entry fee: N/A

CMI Management Book of the Year

Are you an author of a management book filled with compelling insights? Then you’ve got a shot at this award. The CMI Management Book of the Year celebrates the best management and leadership literature and cuts across different categories. 

As you’d expect, there’s a distinct trend amongst shortlisted books with the winning titles containing actionable insights for leadership. 

While entries for 2023 aren’t open yet, it’s worth adding this award to your watchlist for the year.

Entry guidelines and requirements: To be released.

If you’re looking to launch your book to new heights and grow your following as quickly as possible, these prestigious awards are definitely a path to success.

Don’t have a business book yet? Our team of experts can help transform the ideas in your head into a bestseller. Book a clarity call today to find out more about our unique roadmap to getting a book published. 

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