Book Marketing


Wondering how to market your book? Perhaps you’ve put time and energy into ad campaigns but not seen the results you were looking for? Or maybe you don’t know where to start with marketing your book ahead of its launch?

It’s time to invest in a trusted team of content marketing professionals who will handle the finicky bits and inject the joy back into your publishing journey.

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Bestselling Book Launch Campaign

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your book. But that’s only half the battle…

Now you need to get it in front of your audience and make sure they’re as excited about it as you are.

Our Bestselling Book Launch campaign is designed to help non-fiction authors expand their book’s reach and achieve #1 Best Seller status on Amazon. The Write Business Results team has combined expertise in content creation, publishing, marketing, and business coaching to help propel your core message.

We work with you to create a managed launch campaign with strategic ongoing promotion, tailored to achieve your goals.

Our results

  • 100 per cent of books we’ve launched since January 2022 have become an Amazon #1 Best Seller within a week.
  • 100 per cent of our authors who use our Bestselling Book Launch Checklist reach the Top 10 in their categories on Amazon.
  • 100 per cent of clients surveyed would recommend us to their connections.

What’s included in our Bestselling Book Launch campaign?

  • A social media schedule for your launch campaign.
  • An email campaign to prime your email list for launch and generate more traffic for your book.
  • Promotional videos and branded graphics.
  • Amazon category selection and management
  • Sales tracking.

“Pleasure to work with from start to finish. Supportive, fun and proactive. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this experience.” – Tom Soane, author of #1 Amazon Best Seller, The Anonymous Landlord: Make profit from property without sacrificing time, energy, family and mind.

Brand & Content Strategy Session



Wondering how to build an efficient thought leadership strategy?

Our Brand & Content Strategy Session will help you take ownership of your intellectual niche, create bigger opportunities, and build connections with the right people.

During this one-to-one consultation, we’ll guide you through how to leverage the proper marketing tools and resources to accomplish your business goals within your desired time frames.

What’s included in your Brand & Content Strategy Session?

This is a four-hour consultation to complete the strategic plan and launch campaign for your expert content. You’ll receive:

  • A tailored plan for your book, blog or podcast, which we reverse-engineer to achieve your required business results, appeal to your ideal audience and match your tone of voice.
  • A full-spectrum content marketing strategy for your launch and ongoing marketing priorities.
  • Two written documents of everything discussed with checklists for future use and reference.

By the end of this session, you’ll have a step-by-step production and marketing plan and a detailed understanding of how to increase your visibility without reinventing the wheel.

“I would like to thank Georgia so much for all her help thus far… I’ve honestly had the best couple of strategy sessions I’ve ever had. That’s from both Ivan and Georgia. Again, thank you.”

– Lauren Lepley-Caldon, CEO and Founder of Aleafia Wellness Ltd.

Done-For-You Blog and Podcast Services


Creating compelling content is a journey in itself. However, the real challenge lies in generating buzz around it and ensuring it’s discovered by the right audience.

That’s where a well-tailored content marketing strategy comes in.

Write Business Results provides done-for-you podcast and blog services to support your ongoing expert positioning, increase visibility and generate your desired commercial outcomes. Work with our expert team to plan, produce, launch, and promote a podcast and blog that:

  • Continues to build your platform before and after your book launch
  • Engages a wider audience
  • Creates new conversations
  • Increases enquiries
  • Nurtures sales AND customers
  • And, ultimately, generates more revenue.

What’s included?

  • Our own specially-developed Content Creation Process™; the reliable, repeatable steps to creating content that generate leads, new and repeat revenue, speaking gigs, PR, repurposed content and an elevated reputation for our business leader clients
  • Done-for-you and done-with-you support
  • Setup and editing
  • A strategic plan for your content production and promotion
  • A detailed, SEO-friendly project schedule
  • A fully done-for-you launch campaign
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Branded audiograms
  • Videos
  • Downloads
  • Project management and consultancy
  • Monthly marketing reports to track your content’s performance and review your strategy.

Whether you’re looking to develop a fresh content strategy or refresh your existing one with up-to-date industry expertise, we can help.

Enquire below to be matched with one of our entry-level six-month plans and work with a dedicated team who care about your brand and content quality just as much as you do.

“Write Business Results provides a superb service to companies looking to create highly engaging and meaningful content-led marketing. Cannot recommend them highly enough.”
Matt Hall, author of Principled and host of the Principled podcast.

Build Your Own Marketing Team

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Want a dedicated ongoing marketing campaign that drives results without sacrificing your time or leaving other projects to suffer? Get full-spectrum support to fulfil all your marketing needs in half the time and with ZERO hassle on your end.

Our bespoke service offers busy, growth-focused entrepreneurs the opportunity to build their own on-demand, in-house marketing team without the hassle of the recruitment process. You’ll get a complete content-marketing operating system, freeing you and your team up to do the things you truly love.

What’s included in this service?

  • An ongoing blog and podcast, launch campaign, and promotional content
  • Further strategic content creation each month based on your goals
  • Scheduling
  • Recruitment, induction, training and handover from your ideal marketing team once you’re ready to build your marketing department in-house
  • The management and strategic planning of the full content marketing framework with monthly performance reports and support calls
  • A quarterly strategy review
  • The WBR team becomes your marketing department to fulfil all your content marketing requirements.

Who it’s for

This service is highly bespoke and provides consistent delivery, management, and communication. It’s as if the Write Business Results team is actually your team!

This way of working is only suitable to some people, and won’t work for most.

The first step is a consultation to start understanding each other, your goals and your timeframes. From there, we create a Growth Action Plan for your approval.  It can take 2–6 weeks to deliver and is free of charge. Once approved, the service starts from £3500 excl. VAT per month. Please only book your first consultation if you or a senior member of your team:

  • Can collaborate on a weekly or bi-weekly basis
  • Have been in business for three years or more
  • Have a starting budget of £3500 (+VAT) for the right support.