4 Insightful Blog Posts To Help You Produce Winning Content In 2023

4 Insightful Blog Posts To Help You Produce Winning Content In 2023

By Georgia Kirke 

Happy New Year! Last year the WBR blog went from strength to strength – I am incredibly proud of the content we produced over the year. To start the new year off, I wanted to revisit some of the content which I think will prove invaluable reading to those of you looking to make 2023 a year of winning content.

7 Reasons Why Sharing Content Is A Smart Marketing Tool

First things first – why should you be putting the energy into creating and sharing content? What makes it worth the effort to be writing blogs or recording podcasts to be released regularly?

This blog with WBR regular guest Guy Remond looks at why sharing content is a fantastic way to help build your business and position yourself as a market expert. Check out our top reason below for a preview – read the blog for six more in addition to some tips on securing these benefits for yourself.

1: It positions your business as an expert in your field which builds credibility.

Guy: “Our Chief Technical Officer Jan Macháček began to write about some of the experiments he was running and they caught people’s imagination. Readers enjoyed finding out about what he was doing, why he was doing it and what he hoped to achieve. We picked up on the fact that he was beginning to build a strong following so we encouraged the rest of the team to write blogs and share expert content from their point of view.

We built our presence in the community and in our sector to the point where we were seen as the de facto experts.”

Why Understanding Your Reader’s Awareness Level Is The Key To Impactful Content

This insightful piece by our very own Content Developer Ivan Meakins aims to help you understand exactly how to talk to your audience on a level that they understand best – this means that they will find value in your content and keep coming back for more!

Read on for a quick extract explaining how Ivan categorises an audience’s awareness level and an example of how he handles it:

Unaware: Your audience aren’t aware they have a problem, nor do they have a desire to fix it.

Problem aware: They know they have a problem but aren’t aware of any solutions out there, even if they want to fix it.

Solution aware: They know there is a solution, but aren’t aware of any specific product/system that can help them. 

Product aware: They know who you are and what you offer, but perhaps don’t have the full picture and aren’t convinced you are the right person (yet!).

Fully aware: They know who you are and fully understand what you do, they just haven’t taken action yet.  

Have a think about where your audience sits on these levels. A problem-aware audience may need a lot of hand-holding and walking through each step of the solution. You may want to create instructional blogs, and manuals or compare different solution providers to empower them to make more informed decisions. A how-to book outlining your special process of solving this problem may be a good place to start with this audience.

How To Come Up With Fresh Content Ideas That Create Impact

Coming up with impactful content can be challenging – in this blog, Coach, Founder of Expert Empires and Co-Founder of the Elite Closing Academy Nick James and I share a few ideas and thoughts on how to keep your content fresh and engaging. 

Here is one of Nick’s suggestions, read the article for many more!

Focus on the main themes that speak to your audience

Nick: “They’ve got a belief that suggests they’ll run out of things to say because they think they only have a certain number of content themes. They worry that they’ll start a podcast and after five episodes have no fresh content. However, what they don’t realise is that some of the greatest content marketers on the planet (think Gary Vaynerchuk) do not have much more than 10 pieces of content. 

They are just finding new ways to say the same thing differently. I don’t have more than 15 big chunks of content, I just find new ways to approach it!”

5 Ways To Leverage Your Content And Overcome A Creative Drought

Unfortunately, sometimes overcoming a creative block can feel almost impossible. Don’t worry! It happens to the best of us. I have built up my own repertoire of tricks to help me pull content out of my sleeve when I need an easy content win.

Here is one of my favourites – I love having the opportunity to celebrate our clients!

Share and celebrate some client wins

Client testimonials are gold – put those treasures on display! Take the best line from each testimonial and create a carousel post of them all. Make the last tile in the carousel your call to action or contact details.

If you have another 30 minutes – perhaps while you are travelling – spend 15 minutes making notes on one of those clients.

    • What do you remember about them when they first got in touch?

    • What did you love about working with them?

    • What challenges were they encountering?

    • What did you do to help?

    • Where are they now?

Polish up those notes into short paragraphs that sound smooth when you read them out loud. Over time, you can build a collection of case studies that can not only go on your blog, but also on your site.

Another way to get your content out there is to delegate! At Write Business Results, our mission is to help you share your content and stories with the world. Our award-winning processes help our clients to produce their winning content with a minimum of stress or worry.

If you want to discover how we can help you make your blogs or podcasts into winners this year, book a clarity call today!

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