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Every entrepreneur has at least one book within them, yet few are committed enough to publish. Why keep all that knowledge locked away? In our experience, it’s not usually a lack of things to say, or even a lack of belief.

You just need the right process and support.

Our uniquely developed Content Creation Process™ is designed specifically for busy business leaders to get all the knowledge, stories and capabilities threaded through the core of your business out of your head and onto paper. You’ll be the published author of a book or series of books you’re truly proud of, and that propel your professional image in a way that only books can do. It’s a simple methodology with game-changing results!

Hear from our authors about their WBR experience and contact us to find out how this could work for you.

Invest in the right content for you and your business.

“A book is a dream you can hold in your hands.”
Neil Gaiman

Start Your Blog


Can you imagine a world where every business story heard was actually told? Napoleon Hill shared lessons from just 20 business people in Think & Grow Rich, yet it’s now sold over 70 million copies. How much more progress would we see in the world if more business people shared their stories?

Keeping a blog enables you to engage, educate, entertain and inspire on a regular basis the people who need your leadership, at a time when they’re already searching. Sharing relevant, varied and up-to-date content shows your ideal clients you’re there and tells them how to reach you.

Thought keeping a blog would be time-consuming? Not sure what to say? Our unique Content Creation Process™ builds fully SEO-optimised, written, edited and proofread blogs – with killer headlines – in as little as 90 minutes. Your words, your voice, no writing required. Oh, and done regularly, it can drive up to 434% more traffic to your site, too. Contact us to find out how this modern, streamlined approach could work for you

“Blogging is to writing what extreme sports are to athletics: more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive. It is, in many ways, writing out loud.”
Andrew Sullivan, author, editor, blogger  


Podcasts are exploding! They’re going mainstream. And that means it has never been easier to start the conversation. Use your voice. Throw the rule book out the window and speak without formality, restriction or worry. Simply be yourself. And using our simple Content Creation Process™, you no longer need to create all of your content from scratch each time you want to cover a topic. You also don’t need a professional recording studio to produce a professional podcast.

Now is the time to come into your own, and rule your niche! To find out how we can help you do that, get in touch with us below.

Release your podcast

“Big investments are starting to flow into podcasts, podcast networks, and studios.”
Neil Patel

Our 2022 Results


of our authors hit #1 Amazon Best Seller in 2022 with our Best Seller Book Launch marketing campaign


of our authors who used our Best Seller Book Launch Checklist reached the Top 10 in their categories on Amazon

5- and 6-figure ROI

in the first year

7-figure sales

that clients can directly tie to their book