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The Power Of Authenticity: How To Master The Art Of Creating Unique Content

By Georgia Kirke and Ivan Meakins

In January 2023, Write Business Results celebrated an incredible milestone – our seventh year of empowering entrepreneurs to share the knowledge and stories that are under threat of never being told. Through the years, we’ve discovered a key ingredient that every content creator strives for – an emotional connection with their audience.

 Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting out, you want to create something different – something raw and extraordinary that resonates deeply with your audience. So how do you pull this off? How do you engage with your audience in ways that other people aren’t doing or even thinking of doing? Let’s find out.

Building connections with your content

In the past, most people had it easy when it came to unique content creation. You could simply put out useful tips or how-to guides and call it a day. However, the requirements for meaningful content have since evolved. 

Nowadays, creating content that truly connects with your audience requires a whole arsenal of tools. You need to master the art of crafting opening hooks that reel them in, weaving captivating narratives, selecting the perfect language and style, building a solid structure, nailing your tone of voice, and, of course, delivering top-notch content that leaves them wanting more.

But there’s a bright side to all of this. With audiences wanting more, entrepreneurs and business leaders now have the opportunity to flex their creative muscles and explore the vast realms of originality. Essentially, the gloves are off when it comes to content creation and you have the freedom to be raw, authentic, and even have fun with the content creation process. 

The more you let your creative flag fly and create content that’s uniquely YOU, the more your audience will connect with your brand on a deeper level. They’ll begin to see you as genuine and authentic, and ultimately, they’ll want to stick around for the long haul.

What does authenticity mean?

Every content creator and entrepreneur wants to achieve the same thing – the ability to create raw, unique content and connect with your audience. But what really is authenticity? And what does your authentic voice sound like? As Georgia puts it: 

Georgia: “We’re all afraid of sounding phoney. One question I always ask new clients is: how do you want to be perceived? More often than not, they respond with: ‘I want to be myself’ or ‘I want to come across as genuine and authoritative but not bossy.’ But so does everyone else! 

I’ve learned to rephrase this question into a better one – what is it about the way you come across that your ideal clients will gravitate towards? Once we’ve identified this, we can then understand how we can capture this authenticity.”

At the end of the day, authenticity is integral for creating engagement, an emotional connection, and growing a loyal audience. Unfortunately, finding and harnessing it isn’t so easy. It takes a TON of research and a great deal of digging to uncover those unique angles, hooks, and ideas that will set you apart from the rest of the pack. 

Georgia: “This is where the mistakes come in. You already have the loose understanding that you need to create something authentic, engaging, and inspiring. However, that’s a lot to ask from one piece of content. You’ll begin to have thoughts like: ‘I don’t have the time to research,’ ‘I don’t want to go into a field where I’m not the authority,’ or ‘I want to speak from my heart but I need data to back it up for credibility.’”

If these thoughts are already running through your head, we’ve got a solution. 

Where to find inspiration for authentic content

You can find inspiration for authentic content in the most unlikely places – history, psychology, and even classic literary techniques you probably learned ages ago in school. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

In our new podcast series, Content Untapped, we’ll be doing some of the digging for you – finding inspiring ideas, hooks, and niches for your business content in places that you or your competitors may not even think to look. Together, we’ll dive deep into the world of content creation and uncover the hidden gems that will captivate your audience and leave them hungry for more. Tune in to the first episode now. 

If you’d love to take the leap and start creating authentic content that hits the mark, book a clarity call to find out more about how our team of experts can help.

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