Our Vision

We imagine a world where every business story, lesson and insight ever learned is actually told.

Our Mission

Your message matters, which is why we’ve made “Empowering Entrepreneurs To Share The Ideas, Knowledge And Stories That Are Under Threat Of Never Being Told.” our mission.

Our Roots

Georgia Kirke – business coach and book-lover:
I launched Write Business Results in 2016 and I still remember the moment the idea came to me like it was yesterday, “I was in a members club in London at a networking day for entrepreneurs. The sun was beaming in through the tall glass windows that showed off a beautiful view of the City. I could smell fresh coffee – the waiter had brought some quietly to the back of the room ahead of our next break. As everyone got up, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

Mark: “Georgia, can you help me with something? I have this idea for a book but I don’t know where to start and don’t want to have to sit down and, well, write.”
Me: “Sure Mark, sounds like an exciting idea, but I don’t know what I could do to help you there.”
Mark: “I’ve seen your blogs, you can write. I can’t and don’t want to learn. I’m too busy, it’s not my expertise. What do you think to writing it for me? We can figure the best process out as we go.”

And that was that. Mark published his book 8 weeks later. We spoke on Skype and I hand-wrote the notes (thank God for recording and transcription software!), then typed it all up. Mark wanted illustrations so a friend created some cool images, designed the cover and typeset the book. I uploaded it to Amazon and there it was! A business development tool and bucket list item that Mark then leveraged to:

🆕 Attract new leads
🥰 Nurture existing clients
🫶 Generate more referrals
💪 Differentiate in a crowded marketplace

Mark and I caught up a few weeks later and he said something that changed my whole direction of travel: “Georgia, you have a business here, if you want it.”

Write Business Results was born. 8 years have flown by. I developed the Book Creation Process™ into something repeatable and reliable. It’s been used by over 100 business leaders to create and promote their book(s). In 2019, I built a marketing agency to help authors build their platforms ahead of their book launch, and continue promoting afterward. There, we produce blogs, podcasts, repurposed promotional content, and run launch campaigns for business leaders focussed on building authority. WBR now employs 5 FTEs and a team of fantastic freelancers.

Every book we’ve launched since January 2022 has become an Amazon #1 Best Seller. Our clients’ podcasts continually rank in the iTunes Charts with several in the top 2.5% – 10% of all global podcasts. I’m so proud of this creation and enormously proud of the WBR team who work together to provide a top service week in, week out.

We love our clients, too. They’re all amazing people who share our values and care about what they’re building.”

Our Values


We show up with professionalism and punctuality; our consistency, good habits, and commitment to our word allow us to trust and be trusted.


Our focus on streamlining activities and our proactivity creates momentum and delivery processes that are simple, innovative and fun.


We harness our unique abilities, perspectives, and expertise to deliver a product that shines.


We approach challenges with a calm and constructive mindset, openly and enthusiastically collaborating with each other to find win-win solutions.


Treating our clients’ content as if it’s our own, we deliver products to completion with high standards and mastery.

Meet the team


Georgia Kirke, Founder

Georgia Kirke is an award-winning entrepreneur, publishing consultant and author based in the UK. She has a passion for helping successful business leaders communicate their ‘why’ and connect with others by sharing their values, personality, creativity and unique capabilities.

Established in 2015, Write Business Results works with busy, growth-focussed entrepreneurs to become published authors in order to grow their business, become the industry expert and own the space they’re in.

Georgia holds an MSc in International Political Communication and a BA Hons in English Literature.

You can reach Georgia at info@writebusinessresults.com and book a clarity call.

Kat Lewis, Senior Editor

Kat officially joined the Write Business Results team in November 2020, although she has been helping authors share their stories for over four years as part of the freelance editing team.

With a passion for writing, a love of words and a pedantic streak when it comes to grammar, she is in her element when she’s crafting chapters and bringing other people’s experiences to life. She particularly loves being able to unleash her creativity on a good story. 

Kat trained as a journalist, with a BA Hons in Journalism and Modern Languages. She worked in TV journalism in Berlin before returning to the UK where she found her niche as a copywriter. 

As Senior Editor, Kat focuses on book creation at Write Business Results, helping our ever-growing number of authors to bring their stories, experience and knowledge to the world.

George Cox

George Cox, Publishing Project Coordinator

For as long as she can remember, George’s love for words has been a core part of her identity. From after-school writing classes to studying Creative Writing at degree level, she has taken every opportunity she can to immerse herself in writing.

George is responsible for keeping all of our projects on track – so if you’re approaching a deadline, it’s likely George you’ll hear from! She brings an extremely organised and detail-oriented approach to her role, working closely with the team to ensure all projects are completed to the highest quality and on schedule.

In her free time, she enjoys cooking, getting out in nature, and spending time with her cat, Cubert, whom she found when volunteering at an animal shelter – and promptly adopted!

George has been with Write Business Results since January 2023 and says the best part of her job is the ability to immerse herself in everything from project management to copywriting, design to publishing – every day is different!

Izzy Nixon, Online Business Manager

Can organisation be a passion?

For Izzy Nizon, absolutely.

Izzy has always found joy in bringing order to chaos.

With over a decade of experience in various industries, her expertise in managing intricate business operations has become her trademark. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures that operations run seamlessly and efficiently.

Outside of her bustling work life, Izzy enjoys spending time outdoors with her young family. Whether exploring local parks, going on nature walks, or simply enjoying picnics in the sunshine, these moments of outdoor adventure bring joy.

Izzy Nixon

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