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How To Come Up With Fresh Content Ideas That Create Impact

By Georgia Kirke with special guest Nick James

Do you ever look at the amazing content other entrepreneurs share and wonder where they find their never-ending inspiration and momentum?

Would you like to know how to create content with more flow, ease and impact?

Coach, Founder of Expert Empires and Co-Founder of the Elite Closing Academy Nick James, is one of those people who seems to naturally be able to provide his community with high-quality content they can’t wait to get their hands on.

In this blog we’re going to explore simple tactics that take the stress out of content creation so you can share your wealth of knowledge in a way that gets your audience clamouring for more.

I know that many entrepreneurs are apprehensive about sharing “too much content”, but Nick reframes it brilliantly.

Focus on the main themes that speak to your audience

Nick: “They’ve got a belief that suggests they’ll run out of things to say because they think they only have a certain number of content themes. They worry that they’ll start a podcast and after five episodes have no fresh content. However, what they don’t realise is that some of the greatest content marketers on the planet (think Gary Vaynerchuk) do not have much more than 10 pieces of content. 

They are just finding new ways to say the same thing differently. I don’t have more than 15 big chunks of content, I just find new ways to approach it!”

It can be really useful to create a list of the common themes that underpin your business and start to think of more creative ways to approach them so that the information lands with your community in a new way.

Nick is also a firm believer in reusing your content so you can extend the life of your brand message and reach more people.

Actively repurpose your content

Nick: “There are so many different ways you can present your content. If you deliver it on Facebook live or on a podcast you can reframe and repackage the same thing elsewhere. For example you might livestream a podcast within a Facebook group, or use a quote from a podcast to write a post for another social media platform.

When you commit to leveraging the content from a 20-minute interview your whole thought process changes. Repurposing your content is key, and you can always make it more interesting. On my podcasts I deliver my own content, interview celebrity speakers and I’ll also interview some of my most successful clients so listeners can hear the main message in different ways.”

If you’d love to repurpose your content but aren’t sure where to start check out WBR’s earlier blog Why A Content Marketing Framework Helps Leverage Powerful Results and A Quick And Easy Way To Tap Into Your Audience’s Emotions.

Another popular way to add value to your community is to pay attention and answer the frequently asked questions because these highlight the struggles and challenges that your target audience is experiencing on a regular basis.

Nick is a fan of this concept too.

Drill into the problems your clients are facing

Nick: “When I know I need a new idea for content I’ll go back through all the questions that my clients have asked in our mastermind groups or on private coaching calls over the past month. This exercise might throw up 20 to 30 new ideas at any time.

If somebody in my mastermind group is asking me a question and telling me that it’s critical for their business then it’s likely that issue is significant to other people who will also be my ideal client. If I just come up with what I think people want to learn or hear about I might be missing out on key problems. You need to deliver what your audience needs and wants, then you know you’re making a difference.

Ironically, the more work that you do the greater the opportunity to come up with new content ideas which then helps lead prospective clients directly to you. I’m never going to run out of ideas for podcasts because I make notes of all the questions the people around me ask. All I need to do is flick back through my notebook and I’ve got what I need to deliver a great episode.”

When you deliver resources that help your community deal with the challenges they face you are also giving them a great opportunity to get to know, like and trust you, which in turn, helps draw them one step closer to working with you.

Once you’re aware of answering frequently asked questions you’ll notice how many other entrepreneurs are already successfully doing it. However, in contrast to that, Nick is also a fan of bucking the trend when it comes to running events.

Buck the trend

Nick: “I like to observe the mass market and then do the opposite so we stand out. Lots of people run free events but inevitably the audience has to sit through a lot of sales pitches so I decided to mix it up. We brought in some of the best speakers in the world like Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone but decided not to pack the event with lots of other pitches.

We charged anything up to £100,000 for tickets and explained that it was because we had headline speakers and were not going to sell them anything from the stage. It was quite a disruptive strategy and even though people in the industry told me we couldn’t compete with free events we did! 

We’ve seen the number of people who show up for free events decline and the number of people who attend paid events go up and up. If people attend once and have a great experience (without feeling sold to all the time), they don’t mind putting their hand in their pocket because they know they get value. If people in your industry are delivering free one-hour webinars, deliver three hours and charge a fee.”

How does what Nick has shared relate to you and your business? What could you do that goes against the trend? How will you reach more people and create more impact?

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