Meet The Team

Georgia Kirke, Founder

Georgia Kirke is an award winning entrepreneur, author based in the UK, with a passion for helping successful business leaders communicate their ‘why’ and connect with others by sharing their values, personality, creativity and unique capabilities.

Established in 2015, Write Business Results works with busy, growth-focussed entrepreneurs to become published authors in order to grow their business, become the industry expert and own the space they’re in.

Georgia holds an MSc in International Political Communication and a BA Hons in English Literature. She’s worked on over 100 books and ebooks including her own and contributes content as Director of Enterprise to the political think tank, Parliament Street.

Kat Lewis, Senior Editor

Kat officially joined the Write Business Results team in November 2020, although she has been helping authors share their stories for over four years as part of the freelance editing team.

With a passion for writing, a love of words and a pedantic streak when it comes to grammar, she is in her element when she’s crafting chapters and bringing other people’s experiences to life. She particularly loves being able to unleash her creativity on a good story. 

Kat trained as a journalist, with a BA Hons in Journalism and Modern Languages. She worked in TV journalism in Berlin before returning to the UK where she found her niche as a copywriter. 

As Senior Editor, Kat focuses on book creation at Write Business Results, helping our ever-growing number of authors to bring their stories, experience and knowledge to the world.

Ivan Meakins, Content Developer

After graduating from the University of Reading with a BSC in Ancient History and English Literature, Ivan spent seven years working in the world of sales and business coaching.

Then, in the summer of 2020, he finally decided to follow his passion and swapped the headset for pen (which he misplaces daily). He now happily works as the content developer within the Write Business Results creative team.

Although often found working closely with WBR’s clients to develop their expert positioning blogs, books and podcasts, Ivan also specialises in writing sales copy for small business owners who want their ads, emails and landing pages to get noticed.

A self-confessed book hoarder and history nerd, Ivan is a total sucker for a good story and, wherever he can, tries to spin a tale whether he is writing his own copy (check out his upcoming story-based email campaign for WBR to see it in action) or helping our wonderful clients write theirs.

Ivan likes to keep things simple, loves tacos and hates sesquipedalian words – annoying aren’t they?

He also finds talking about himself in the third person really awkward, so I’ll get back to writing normally…now where’d that pen go?

Feel free to get in touch with me personally on OR the rest fo the team at

Chat soon! 

Sonya Barker, Proofreader

Sonya is a freelance non-fiction editor and proofreader with over 15 years’ experience in the publishing industry. She was formerly Senior Commissioning Editor for History and Literature at Palgrave Macmillan, before going solo in 2016. 

Since then, Sonya has worked in an editorial capacity with a range of clients, including trade publishers, universities and independent authors. She particularly enjoys bringing her expertise to business books and personal development texts, and is an ardent believer in the power of well-captured ideas to transform individual lives and society as a whole. 

Sonya joined Write Business Results’ freelance editing team in July 2020. As a proofreader, she loves polishing books to the highest possible standard before they publish. Needless to say, she’s a stickler for detail and finds it immensely satisfying ironing out any last typos, grammatical issues or stylistic inconsistencies (because we all know how distracting they can be, and here at Write Business Results we want every reader to stay focused on our authors’ insights!). 

Sonya admires anyone who has the courage and determination to share their messages with the wider world. She can be found on LinkedIn and is always honoured to have the opportunity to join a publishing journey.

Arjun Shah, Audio Engineer

Arjun can be easily found editing away with headphones at any given time. Starting work on podcasts in 2012, he’s had the opportunity to create and work-on a number of 10 Top shows internationally. Having found a love for all things audio over the past 15 years, his ability to enhance and transform audio is not only a passion but a honed skill. Fuelled on double espressos and the occasional latte, he particularly loves making stories come to life.

Arjun has trained in audio with a BA Hons in Audio Engineering. He’s worked with award-winning agencies and brands domestically and internationally with a heavy focus on production.