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Day 6 of the 12-Day Content Creation Challenge

A Quick And Easy Way To Tap Into Your Audience’s Emotions By WBR Content Developer Ivan Meakins

If you want to make the world a better place through your business message and products you need to speak directly to the hearts of your clients (or potentially risk losing them).

Many entrepreneurs are experts in their field and have a wealth of wisdom to share, but they often struggle to generate “emotional engagement” through their content which prompts people to disengage (no sale).

Why emotions matter

People buy based on emotion (and use logic to justify their purchase); when a book or blog touches lightly on the surface of a reader’s emotions they struggle to recognise how they can benefit at a deep enough level that inspires them to read on and really want to make a change.

This blog will show you how to emotionally spur your reader to take the next step and work with you which will help you transform lives, build your business, feel fulfilled in your career, and ultimately give you and your family a happier life (you’ll understand why I said that in a moment).

Peel back the layers

Imagine you are a team leader; how would it feel to you if a book about building trust within your team listed a “driven work environment” as a benefit?

It’s professional, it’s factual, but it’s not emotive or personal. 

What do these surface-level benefits say to a reader? As an author, you need to help the reader connect what you are offering with their deeper goals and ambitions.

There is a powerful way to secure that primal emotional buy-in from your readers and create optimal business results from your content (book, blog, podcast). It’s an exercise I use with our clients at Write Business Results, known as the ‘So What?’ trilogy, it walks you from the surface layer all the way down to the deeper layer which is where people feel compelled to take action.

The ‘So What?’ trilogy

Let’s use the “building trust in teams” example that we mentioned earlier. 

The top layer (layer one) is that increased trust within a team will lead to a “driven work environment”, but what does that mean to you personally?

A driven work environment has the potential to lead to increased productivity which could mean your team has the capacity to take on more business. This is the second layer. It’s a bit more meaningful but it doesn’t go far enough.

Go deeper

By peeling back the first and second layer we can see that a driven work environment (first layer) that has increased productivity and capacity to win more business (second layer) will keep your stakeholders happy, and probably help you to take a step back from your desk and spend more time with your family and friends, vastly improving your quality of life (third layer).

How much more motivated do you feel to read that book about team building or invest in training knowing that it has the potential to dramatically improve your quality of life?

You can repeat this exercise with any topic you are creating content around. When you peel back enough layers you will get to the heart of what your reader really wants, which is what compels them to listen to what you have to say. By creating an emotional response you help them realise that what you have matters to them, if they are only thinking at a logical level they lack the motivation to buy.

Would you love to celebrate success with family and friends in 2022 by fulfilling one of your career ambitions and boosting your bottom line? Is writing a best-selling business book that helps transform lives on your bucket list? If so, why not book a brand and content strategy session?

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