Draft Your Book with an Author Coach

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Want to take charge of writing your own book, but need expert guidance and professional coaching along the way?

Our done-with-you author-coaching service is designed specifically for authors who want to write their business books themselves with accountability and guidance.

Backed by the same editorial team and processes responsible for over 80 published books, you’ll receive coaching, consulting, and a community to help you create a winning book.

Write your own first draft (of three) with our frameworks, checklists, guides, human support, feedback and accountability, and then hand it over to our editorial team to complete.

From there, it’ll be proofread, designed, self-published and launched. By that time, your hard work will be complete and you’ll see your ideas transform into a polished, high-impact, published book.

What’s included in our author coaching service?

  • A schedule of regular coaching calls
  • Templates, checklists, and goal setting
  • First draft feedback
  • Editing, proofreading, and design
  • Publishing support
  • A bestseller marketing campaign
  • Group marketing calls to enable ongoing results
  • Become a published author within 12 months, writing your first draft and having a specialist team do the rest.

“I met Georgia a few years ago and I just knew that when the time came for me to write my book, she was the person to help me turn my dream into a reality! Working with her and her incredible team and using her proven methods has not only been a huge support along my writing journey but also on the road to getting my book published and promoted on social media.

I cannot thank all those involved enough for guiding me towards this success and I highly recommend this award-winning company to anyone who has a book inside of them, waiting to be brought out into the world!”Reesha Armstead, author of The Covid Kaleidoscope – A Disabled Person’s Eye View of the Pandemic.