Build Your Own Marketing Team

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Want a dedicated ongoing marketing campaign that drives results without sacrificing your time or leaving other projects to suffer? Get full-spectrum support to fulfil all your marketing needs in half the time and with ZERO hassle on your end.

Our bespoke service offers busy, growth-focused entrepreneurs the opportunity to build their own on-demand, in-house marketing team without the hassle of the recruitment process. You’ll get a complete content-marketing operating system, freeing you and your team up to do the things you truly love.

What’s included in this service?

  • An ongoing blog and podcast, launch campaign, and promotional content
  • Further strategic content creation each month based on your goals
  • Scheduling
  • Recruitment, induction, training and handover from your ideal marketing team once you’re ready to build your marketing department in-house
  • The management and strategic planning of the full content marketing framework with monthly performance reports and support calls
  • A quarterly strategy review
  • The WBR team becomes your marketing department to fulfil all your content marketing requirements.

Who it’s for

This service is highly bespoke and provides consistent delivery, management, and communication. It’s as if the Write Business Results team is actually your team!

This way of working is only suitable to some people, and won’t work for most.

The first step is a consultation to start understanding each other, your goals and your timeframes. From there, we create a Growth Action Plan for your approval.  It can take 2–6 weeks to deliver and is free of charge. Once approved, the service starts from £3500 excl. VAT per month. Please only book your first consultation if you or a senior member of your team:

  • Can collaborate on a weekly or bi-weekly basis
  • Have been in business for three years or more
  • Have a starting budget of £3500 (+VAT) for the right support.