Join Us At EMC 2022 And Master Marketing Secrets From The Experts

By Georgia Kirke

If you’re reading this, I know you are interested in learning from the best in entrepreneurial content and producing your own expert content that shares your unique value with the world.

As well as reading books and blogs, and listening to podcasts, do you also attend events? If so, do you sometimes leave feeling as though you didn’t learn as much as you’d hoped?  Perhaps you’ve noticed that often entrepreneur events over on this side of the Atlantic tend to be just extended sales pitches as speakers compete to sell themselves while offering you no real value?

Thankfully, there is the Entrepreneur’s Marketing Conference! EMC is Europe’s first and number one pitch-free business event – all of the speakers attending are there only to share the pure value of their marketing knowledge. As it is a paid event, you can be sure that everyone there is serious about improving their marketing and looking for lessons to learn and implement.

Even luckier for you all, this year I am going to be one of the keynote speakers! I will be there to personally share my insights into writing content that matters – but more on that later!

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What can you look forward to this year?

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re serious about growing your business next year, then going to EMC 2022 is one of the best things you can do to develop your marketing strategy.

You will hear about strategies, tactics, and techniques that are helping entrepreneurs generate millions. In fact – most of the tactics shared can offer you returns and opportunities from anywhere between five and seven figures! It’s a great event to check out with no sales, pitching, or upsells from the speakers.

Topics to look forward to include social media ads – including Google, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok – SEO, Messenger marketing, and content marketing. I of course will be providing guidance on content marketing, such as books, blogs, podcasts.

Who you should be excited to see

EMC this year is twice the size of last year’s event – we’re expecting there to be over 1000 entrepreneurs in the same room! The speaker list this year is full of a number of real A-listers to look forward to. Everyone is at the top of their fields and I can’t wait to hear from them. Here are just one or two of the highlights to look forward to!

Mat Wilson – Mat is the CEO and founder of Einstein Marketer as well as the founder and organiser of EMC itself. Einstein Marketer is an awesome marketing agency specialising in Facebook ads as well as helping people build and promote online courses. Mat has a unique way of getting results for people through their ads. He loves what he does and you can see it in the results he gets – and the results he can help you to achieve!

Sarah Davies If you follow Dragon’s Den on the BBC, you will have come across Sarah before – she is the youngest entrepreneur to join the Dragons. She’s also appeared in the Sunday Times SME Export Track 100 list four times! On top of this, she champions people – women specifically – in business and is a mentor across the whole northeast of the UK. 

Write Business Results at EMC

Another speaker to look forward to is me – Georgia Kirke, Write Business Results founder. I am a multi-award winning entrepreneur and along with my talented team have helped create around 1200 books, blogs, and podcasts. 

Some of our results this year alone include: 

  • 100% of the books we put through our best-selling book launch marketing campaign have become number one Amazon bestsellers within the first week of launch.

  • 100% of the authors who have put themselves through our best-selling book launch marketing campaign – or have had external input on it – have come in the top ten in at least one category on Amazon.

  • By comparison, only 67.5% of the authors who have run their own campaigns without our input achieved the top ten in sales – or number one bestseller status.

Our clients say:

  • 100% of clients rate us as easy to work with 

  • 100% for friendliness and responsiveness of the team 

  • 100% for accountability and follow-up offered

  • 100% would recommend us to connections 

I will be talking about books, book launches, and the content that supports them.

Specifically, how you use blogs, podcasts and other organic content to keep your message going and get a return on your investment in your book. Make sure you’re in the audience for my talk on Day Two at 3pm on Emotions Over Logic: Creating and Promoting A Book That Sparks A Reaction

Also keep an eye out for me and my team at the Write Business Results booth, where you can pick our brains on how to get the greatest benefits from your content and learn why producing your own content is easier than you think! We will also have some incredible giveaways and special never-been-done-before offers on all of our services that will only be available to EMC attendees!

I am so excited to be speaking at  EMC because it means I get to share some of this value with even more of you. Typically our done-with-you and done-for-you services are one-to-one – it’s rare that this value is shared in groups or just given away for free!

In fact, we would love to share this value with you as well – so we have arranged a special 20% discount on EMC tickets this year for our readers! Use WRITEBIZZ when buying to claim this discount for yourself now!

So, keep an eye out for us at EMC – Wednesday 30th of November until Friday 2nd of December this year in London!You can see the full lineup of speakers and learn more about the event here.

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