How My Book Closed High Ticket Clients

How My Book Closed High Ticket Clients With ZERO Resistance

A WBR Author Story, By Arfa Iqbal, edited by Ivan Meakins 

Arfa Iqbal is an experienced direct response copywriter and digital marketer, working with coaches, consultants and experts to scale their business to their first or next seven figures.

She is also the author of the Amazon bestseller Mindhack Marketing™: How To Turn Customer Psychology Into Breakthrough Sales

This is the story of her book journey and the success that followed it… 

Scaling your expertise

As a small business owner, “overwhelming” was a word I had been all too familiar with. Most of my time was spent chasing down prospects, sending proposal after proposal, and barely having the time to focus on scaling the business.

I have been helping my clients grow their businesses to multiple six or seven figures for years, but somewhere down the line, I got too busy to work on mine…

I wanted to make a bigger impact in my industry.

I wanted to start taking steps towards my own financial freedom.

And I wanted to do it without spending every hour trying to reel in new business.

But I was overwhelmed with all the daily tasks of being an entrepreneur and started to lose focus on the bigger picture.

Then, one day, it hit me.

I realised that you can’t scale your time, but you can scale your expertise. 

Leaving your mark with a book

I had all this information in my head that I knew could help so many more people, I just needed a way to package it up and turn it into something easily consumable that convinced my prospects I was their best option.

And nothing quite leaves a mark as being able to say, “Pick up a copy of my bestselling book!”.

That’s the day Mindhack Marketing™: How To Turn Customer Psychology Into Breakthrough Sales was born.

As a copywriter and digital marketer, I face stiff competition. So, in order to stand out, I needed to find the thing that really differentiates me from everybody else.

I needed a niche, something to write about at a level of detail no one else had really done before.

It didn’t take long to find the answer. The one thing that I do better than most, and what my clients always love about my workshops, is helping them with their customer avatar (the ideal customer).

Anyone can teach copywriting or digital marketing, but I’ve never met anyone that could teach the customer avatar like me – so I decided to put my stamp on it!

Finding a niche

You see, a decade of working with countless business owners taught me that, nine times out of ten, a business’s problems could be traced back to its customer avatar.

Everyone has an idea of who their avatar is, but most people have no idea HOW to turn this information into a profitable campaign. 

And this is where Mindhack Marketing™ stakes a claim in what’s definitely uncharted space.

However, having an amazing idea for a book and then actually creating, designing and publishing one are two very different things, as I was about to find out. 

I mean, I’m a writer myself, and I write copy for clients every day, but when you’re so close to your own business, it takes a lot of work to see a structure.

The words flowed fine (as I would expect), but I needed help getting my thoughts into a structure that wouldn’t just provide my readers with valuable information, but do it in a way that made them hungry to take that next step with me.

Putting ideas into a structure

All the information was there, but I couldn’t see HOW it would become a book that people would love reading. I had 60,000 words on paper, with no clear roadmap for the reader, which frustrated me.

That’s when I found Write Business Results, and they changed the game!

Before speaking with the team at Write Business Results, I knew I wanted the book, but I hadn’t really set out any clear, tangible objectives other than to “get it published”.

Through their careful planning process and by taking a step back to really look at my business and my goals, we were able to build out a structure for my book that was going to hit home with my audience and get real results for my business. 

I quickly realised there was so much I had yet to consider about writing a business book and that if I’d been left to my own devices, I would have made a mess of it!

And the results I’ve seen since publishing Mindhack Marketing™ speak for themselves…

Reaping the rewards

It hit Amazon #1 bestseller in the first 24 hours of launch – which was absolutely incredible! But then things started to get really exciting…

First, I was invited as a special guest to speak on four podcasts, including Michael Knight’s ( and was even interviewed by Forbes Riley (American motivational speaker and businesswoman).

These people actually started recommending the book to their listeners on the show! How surreal is that?

Alongside the shows, I’ve also been approached by three separate people wanting me to present at their events, just off the back of reading my book.

But best of all is what the book has done for my marketing.

Simplifying the sales process

I’m delighted to say there is no more chasing down proposals or hard pitching anymore.

Nowadays, I have ZERO resistance during the sales process from people who have picked up my book. 

One high-ticket client told me on the phone he was ready to work with me after only reading the first two chapters of Mindhack Marketing™!

After just 10 minutes on the phone, he was sold. 

Now people are coming to me telling me, “I read your book, I’d love to work with you,” and the conversation isn’t “how much?” it’s “how can we get started?”.

I still sometimes have to pinch myself when I’m on calls and people have my book on their bookshelves… I love it and it’s part of the fun of being an author.

Thanks to Write Business Results’ detailed process and raw passion for creating amazing content, I have something truly unique, and a level of visibility I never would have thought possible before I published Mindhack Marketing™.

Now, book two is on the horizon, and I wouldn’t dream of doing it with anyone else but Write Business Results. It’s a well-oiled machine full of rock stars!

If you are looking at writing a business book that is going to generate real business results, you’ve got to get the best out there to help you, and WBR is certainly the best!

Does Arfa’s story inspire you? Do you want to unlock the amazing results that a well-placed business book can offer? 

If so, let’s have a conversation! We love talking about books, so pencil in your Clarity Call today to start your very own success story. 

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