Empowering Entrepreneurs To Share Their Stories_What Our Vision Means For You

Empowering Entrepreneurs To Share Their Stories: What Our Vision Means For You

By Ivan Meakins 

A few months ago, the WBR team sat together to compose a mission statement that encapsulates our core purpose and what we do. We wanted something authentic – a phrase that captures our essence without fluff and empty promises. After an intense brainstorming session  – and many crumpled balls of paper  – we had our eureka moment. 

Empowering entrepreneurs to share the ideas, knowledge, and stories that are under the threat of never being told.

Beautiful and succinct. But what does it look like in action? Beyond this vision’s poetic surface, there’s a tangible thread  – a promise  – for our clients to hold onto. Let’s break down this statement and dissect what each element really means:


According to Semrush, 97 per cent of marketers think that content writing is a crucial marketing strategy. Beyond bringing in the numbers, content writing also establishes you as an authority within your niche, which then brings in more numbers. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts.

As a business leader, you probably have TONS of ideas and stories waiting to go out into the world. But how do you share them?

Whilst many entrepreneurs recognise the value of 5-star content, bearing the burden of actually CREATING it is like having a bucket of cold water thrown on them. Creating organic content is a tad harder than it seems on paper and often leads to a crisis of confidence. What if I’m not good enough? How do I create content when I can’t write? Over time, the thought of sharing your ideas via written content loses its magic and becomes more of a distracting chore than an intriguing journey.

But here’s an interesting fact to chew on: the greatest barrier to creating original, engaging content isn’t the writing process itself; it’s the belief that you need to be the one to handle the process yourself  –  from the writing to the editing and final checks.

We’re all familiar with the story of the Elephant Rope where these magnificent creatures  –  who could cause severe damage with a simple swing of their trunk  – were being held by only a tiny rope tied to their front leg because they were conditioned from an early age to believe they could not escape.  Sounds ludicrous, doesn’t it? However, it goes to show that on most occasions, we’re held back by our perceptions and beliefs.

At WBR, our vision is to break these shackles – to strip business leaders and authors of their perception of what it takes to create amazing content and equip them with the ability to show up and do what they love. We help you speak your unique message and filter it through a process that results in well-structured content that will leave your audience hungry for more.

When all is said and done, we aim to instil one core belief in business leaders all over the world: being a natural content creator has NOTHING to do with your ability to grow a loyal audience with content.

Which leads us to the second part of this grand vision statement. 

Share ideas, knowledge, and stories

Communication and transferring knowledge have remained the core pillars of human connection since time immemorial. These, among other elements, are what made humans so successful at forming tight, cohesive communities.

Today, more and more brands are tapping into this innate human trait to form close-knit communities. Consumers want to engage with authentic content and connect not just with the brand but with the PEOPLE behind the brand as well. With the metaverse expanding and evolving each day, people have already begun to gravitate towards virtual spaces to engage with other like-minded fellows, finding a place within the small pockets of niche communities. 

So, it’s important now more than ever to find and form your tribe. But what does this entail?

Forming your tribe isn’t merely about building a group of people. It’s about bringing together a small niche group of people who all share the same values. They all believe in the same thing and want the same outcomes.

The only way to pull this off is by sharing your story – what you believe in – and finding people who resonate with it. You don’t need a million people within your tribe. More often than not, it begins with a few people, and then blossoms into thousands of people who share your beliefs. 

At WBR, we empower thought leaders to build their communities and create niche loyal tribes through sharing ideas, expert knowledge and stories. You can share your unique message with your tribe without bearing the full brunt of the content creation process.

So, that leaves us with the best part…

Under the threat of never being told

As of 2022, there were 5.5 million registered businesses in the UK alone, many of which have the potential to transform people’s lives with their unique products and solutions. This means that there could be up to 5.5 million amazing stories to be told about these businesses and the  minds that built them.

But how many of these stories actually get out into the world? How many times do consumers purchase a product or service without finding out the story behind it? Or worse, they don’t purchase a product because there is no story behind it? How many business owners are held back from sharing their stories because they lack the time, confidence, or writing skills?

As more consumers gravitate towards social consciousness, it’s no longer enough to sell a product that works – you need to prove to your audience that you possess the values they’re in search of. When you share your story, you showcase the values your brand stands for and this enables your target audience to align themselves with you and your brand. 

In the UK alone, there are millions of stories that are in danger of never being told – stories trapped within a genie’s lamp waiting for the right person to set them free. 

At WBR, we’re dedicated to tearing down barriers and empowering thought leaders from all walks of life to craft and share their stories. You don’t have to be an accomplished writer to build a niche tribe and share your ideas with the world. As long as you have a story inside of you, we can help you access the right resources to create powerful, engaging content without you having to bear the burden of the entire process.

If you’re ready to take the leap and share your story with the world, our team at Write Business Results can help you shape it into a best selling book. Book a clarity call to find out more about our services and how we can support you.

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