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How To Use Disruption To Create A Cult Following For Your Content

By Georgia Kirke with special guest Jody Raynsford

Have you ever written a powerful blog or a social media post from the heart and then panicked and “softened it”,  just in case it didn’t go down well?

Well, according to Marketing Strategist, Copywriter and Author Jody Raynsford, the more that you disrupt a market, the more you stand out, and the more successful your business is likely to be.

Jody started his career as a journalist before moving to the US and learning how to write scroll-stopping copy. He returned to the UK, worked for a running magazine, then decided to quit and launch a running podcast (with phenomenal success).

How would it feel to convert potential customers into raving fans and loyal clients? Jody has the blueprint to help you create a cult following.

You can hear our full conversation on the Interviews With Experts podcast.

Be a knockout

Jody: “Think about how your brand is perceived, how you communicate with your audience, and who you target with your marketing. Find your point of differentiation and shift your messaging so that you act like a magnet and pull people in.

Big businesses throw money at marketing and content, but if your messaging and your story is ‘off’ it won’t work.”

When Jody launched the podcast (along with co-host David Hellard) he was astounded by the response.

Jody: “Sometimes you do stuff with a marketing or brand hat on and you don’t realise you’re doing it because it’s so natural to you. I did something really simple; I looked up lots of other podcasts and stopped to think about what would look completely different to every other running podcast and I created a logo and a brand around that.

We talked about what none of the other podcast hosts were talking about and gained a huge number of listeners and followers. Within days of launching our Facebook group people were instigating posts themselves; the community found itself because we positioned it so well. People joke about it being a cult because people feel so strongly about it.”

Go against the tide

It’s likely that many new entrepreneurs check out their potential competition to understand the market and try to fit in, but if you want a cult following you need to “disrupt” the market.

Jody is a master.

Jody: I don’t know how many businesses judge themselves by how fanatical their audiences are, but some of our podcast listeners are tattooing their legs with things that we’ve created!

If you think about all the most successful disruptive brands and cult brands that are out there, they’re the ones who have a ‘different conversation’ with their customers. They use different language and they talk about issues that polarise people because it’s easier to get them to rally around things they don’t like.”

Rather than trying to target your message to the masses (whose needs are likely already met elsewhere), Jody recommends focusing on the outliers.

Appeal to the independent thinkers

Jody: “There will be people who don’t have a community or ‘home’ anywhere and don’t feel pulled towards what’s available; bring in people who have felt alienated for a while and help them solve their problems. The strength of feeling they have towards you goes beyond loyalty.”

If you’ve been devouring our blogs for a while, you’ll know that at Write Business Results we’re committed to building personal brands through creating and sharing valuable content (books, blogs and podcasts).

Why storytelling works

Jody is also a strong advocate for the power of storytelling.

Jody: “A story will sell any aspect of your business. There will be a story that very specifically builds rapport with a potential customer that makes you stand out. It may be your founder story, a customer story about how they flipped a problem round, a story about brand development and so on. The products you sell will have a story but you need to sell them on features and benefits and outcomes. 

Stories serve a purpose. They emotionally connect someone to your business in a way that facts and figures don’t. Use those stories as a constant thread through all of your content and the conversations you’re having.”

What story are you telling your audience? Are you clear on who your business is and who you want to attract? Do you and your business stand out? Often when we first work with aspiring authors of business books they’re unclear on their target demographic or how to bring them closer.

If you’re ready to gain pin-sharp clarity on your personal brand and how you can use content to build an engaged community that buys from you click here to book a clarity call.

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