Bonus Content of the 12-Day Personal Branding Challenge

Bonus Content: 12-Day Personal Branding Challenge

Why Content Marketing Is A Long Game Worth Playing By Georgia Kirke With Special Guest Dan Bradbury

I only had 12 new signups to my free download last week and nobody has bought my one to one coaching service.” At Write Business Results we often hear this type of frustration from prospective new clients.

Content marketing has the power to create exponential growth in your business, but it’s rarely immediate. If you’ve been accustomed to measuring ad spend or being able to directly link the arrival of one new paying client to a specific ad campaign, content marketing can initially feel frustrating.

In yesterday’s blog we shared WBR’s content marketing framework (relationships, recognition and revenue framework) that we use with our clients so that they can understand the benefits of repurposing their high-value content, see how it moves around the internet, and maximise output.

It’s natural to want to dig into the metrics, when I think about crunching the numbers and creating a profitable business, two times bestselling author, podcast host, coach and entrepreneur Dan Bradbury comes to mind.  You can hear our full conversation here.

I wanted to hear his thoughts on how content marketing boosts profit.

Exponential growth

Dan: “It’s never been easier to reach people. Many of us no longer need real life sales people. Our salespeople have been replaced by an army of content which can easily be replicated across different platforms because it’s digital. When you get the message right and put in front of the right people the leverage is exponential, but, if you refuse to participate, you will be left behind.”

As Dan pointed out, creating content is no longer “a nice to have”. It’s essential, particularly when we consider the ongoing and potential impact of Covid-19.

Many entrepreneurs adopt a scattergun approach to content but fail to reverse engineer it so gain minimal, if any, results. It is more challenging to measure where new business is coming from if your new clients have been following you on multiple platforms. Dan shared some concrete advice that highlights the big picture.

Focus on rapport

Dan: “There’s a risk that entrepreneurs get sucked into the minutiae and debate whether to use YouTube, Instagram or Tik Tok; that’s not the point. The point is that we get people to know, like and trust us in order to do business with us. That’s why building a personal brand is so much more important than it was.

My background is in direct response marketing but now, because of the proliferation of different platforms, it is significantly harder to track and measure success, but people that you successfully build rapport with, who know, like and trust you will buy more quickly. They’ll buy at a higher rate and they’ll spend more. The most profitable customers are people who spend the most and cost the least, and content marketing allows you to find them!”

It takes time for business owners who are new to content marketing to trust the process and be patient. It’s not a quick fix and rarely creates instant profit, but as Dan explained, when you get your messaging right and build rapport the results are worth it.  

He shared an insight that has already helped many of our clients reframe content marketing.

Delayed gratification

Dan: “Creating and sharing content is a long-term strategy. You have to be willing to wait for the results. The figures still show that around 80 per cent of customers buy only after five to seven contacts from a company. Yet approximately 80 per cent of companies stop following up leads after two of fewer contacts. The money is in the follow-up!”

It’s natural to want to share a blog or a podcast and see immediate results, but it’s by nurturing relationships and continuing to leverage content that we begin to make the difference. The podcast downloads, blog views or number of sales of books are not the most important part;  consider the financial returns that come through leveraging that content.

It’s no surprise that Dan leverages his content exceptionally well. He has a custom built business profit maximisation scorecard which helps you understand the health of your business. A resource like this is a fantastic way to help people get to know you, gain value, and find out more about the services you are offering.

Dan is clear that content marketing needs to be an invaluable part of business for every entrepreneur.


Dan: “You need to think about how to create content people want to interact with. If you want to have any chance of success going forward you have to make the most of content marketing. Even if you think you’re already too late you need to understand that it’s only going to get harder! You have to do it and be prolific.

Find the approach that works for you. It might be a quick-fire podcast, a Q&A, videos, or written content. Find what’s right for you and know that it will take time to find your voice, but the results will be worth it.

Content marketing is a two-way street. Be yourself, build the relationships, show up as the human being that you are and share your thoughts and expertise. It enables you to attract people who are like you, and if you are the business, you are probably also the avatar. Think creatively about how to attract people like you.

The length of time it takes to convert clients is going up, not down, because there’s so much more choice now, but if you’re not creating any content you’re at a huge disadvantage.”

I loved Dan’s enthusiasm when it comes to building a more profitable business. Don’t you think that finding your voice, choosing your platforms, building and nurturing relationships are all so much more exciting than investing in paid advertising and hoping for the best?! 

Content marketing is a fantastic way to attract the right clients for you and your services when you have a well-designed and executed strategy, great content, patience and the willingness to share who you are.

10-second takeaway

I have sent you an email sharing some strategic ways that you can put content marketing into practice. Read it and pop into the Facebook group to share your thoughts!

And, if you are ready to take your business to the next level and leverage your valuable content to attract and build meaningful relationships with your target audience? If so, schedule a brand and content strategy session with us. As Dan said, it’s only going to get harder to be seen and heard in the marketplace so now is the best time to start.

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