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How To Master Your Inner Game, Boost Your Brand And Reap The Rewards By Georgia Kirke with special guest Baiju Solanki 

Do you ever find yourself building your personal brand with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake? Would you love to find ways to drop the stop-start and share your brilliant content with the people who really need to know about your services?

Would it be useful to find out whether your strategy, your tactics or your mindset were holding you back?

If so, you’ll likely love this blog where I share how Author, Performance Psychologist, and Founder of EnSpirit Global Baiju Solanki accidentally helped springboard his business by sharing his weight loss journey (more on that shortly)!

Baiju inspires high-performing business owners to get out of their own way and fast track the results they want.

You can hear our full conversation on the Write Business Results Interviews With Experts podcast.

How your content helps boost business

The first thing I wanted to know was how well Baiju’s content has supported him to grow his business, particularly when it wasn’t explicitly related to his niche!

Baiju: “I wanted to change my lifestyle and understand nutrition. I set two non-negotiables in my transformation. I wanted to eat whatever I wanted and I didn’t want to eliminate any food groups. In that context I was able to lose 20 kilos.

I did a photoshoot and because people saw a physical manifestation of me changing my game, my own personal transformation had a massive impact on my business. All of a sudden people could see that I was walking my talk; they recognised that my inner and outer game enabled me to achieve my game plan of weight loss!” 

I love that Baiju was simply sharing his personal weight loss journey but in doing so he publicly emphasised how he’d mastered his own mindset and behaviour which is the focus of his work.

How to create positive change 

Baiju: “I see three core games in life. The inner game involves what’s going on in your head (personal story, mindset, emotions). We also have a game plan; your life or business strategy and how you plan to get there. Your third game is the outer game which is all about the actions you take to fulfil your game plan. All these games interact with each other.

My book Change Your Game: How To Achieve Your Full Potential As An Entrepreneur & Create The Life You Desire helps you to understand if you’re the type of person who needs to strengthen your mindset before you take action or if the success that follows action-taking helps you create a stronger mindset. It’s fluid; there’s no right or wrong. Overall my book will help you improve your inner and outer game so that you make rapid progress towards your game plan.

It’s said that you need up to 15 touch points before people trust you enough to make a more substantial purchase. My book is like giving someone seven hours with me because that’s how long it takes to read. Now, thanks to my books, and the content I share on Clubhouse, people contact me and feel like they already know me so the whole process speeds up.”

How to overcome your sticking points

To support his book, Baiju has created a Change Your Game Scorecard which helps you establish where you need to focus your efforts to accelerate your business success.

I couldn’t resist finding out how I measured up! My overall score was 86%, and when we broke it down it showed that my game plan was 100% on point; I was clear on what I wanted to achieve. My outer game (action taking) was 93%, and my inner game was 68% which suggested that my mindset was my Achilles heel! 

He recommended I pay attention to my thoughts, identify any disempowering patterns, and establish what needs to change.

Fortunately, I’m also in a mastermind group with Baiju who’s been nicknamed the “Sniper Coach” by his peers and clients because he is relentless when it comes to fine tuning the success mindset. His nickname has become part of his brand, and I know he’ll help keep me on track!

The scorecard offered me some great insights; I am an action taker, but I am occasionally prone to overthinking which can slow down progress.

The perfect formula for success

Baiju shares a lot of his brilliance on Clubhouse, and we’ve both noticed that people will freely seek his advice, but become uncomfortable when he asks them to commit to taking action and following through. I wanted to know why he thought this happened.

Baiju: “The number one reason tends to be a lack of faith in themselves. They believe that they’re not good enough and that even if they had a proven formula it would work for someone else but not for them. The belief stops them taking action because if they did take action and it didn’t work, they don’t have the resilience to deal with that or come back from it.

Thankfully with the right accountability they come to understand that someone has their back. When accountability is married with trust and faith in yourself you create the perfect formula for success.”

Remember to complete your scorecard and identify the areas you need to tweak to maximise your success, and if you enjoy learning in this way why not check out the Write Business Results scorecard and find out how you can strengthen your personal brand and make it stand out to the people who need your service the most.

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