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10 Benefits Of Having An Ebook


To thrive in the ever-changing world in which we now live, business leaders especially must continually adapt and evolve in order to survive. And I’m not just talking about updating products and services; entrepreneurs must also leverage new technologies, learn and grow at a faster rate than they would have had to even a decade ago.

As your knowledge and perspectives expand, it’s important you communicate that and share your expertise as you go. It will enable your audience to keep up, to follow your lead and your journey, and in turn, it will keep you and them connected in an environment that is only becoming faster and faster-paced.

This blog will offer you insight into one of the most popular and exciting ways of distributing your knowledge as a product, on an international and even global level, with minimal cost to produce, and massive returns.

A brief history of the ebook

Ebooks were invented by Michael S. Hart in 1971 and began the digitisation and distribution of literature for free. This introduced obvious technological advances that were achieved by turning paperback and hardback books into an electrical format which can now be downloaded on almost any device. But Hart was also passionate about how much literature can influence and offer opportunities for readers. He compared its limitless supply to the same as the air we breathe, of which we can have as much as we desire.

Books and ebooks can feel unavailable to entrepreneurs; the process seems long or complex or totally unknown. They worry about expense and time. Yet we all want to increase the influence we have in our domain. That level of influence is important to any business leader, so packaging up who you are, what you’re about and why you do what you do in an ebook, and giving your customers and prospective customers access to that insight, gives you ample opportunity to stay ahead and maintain trust-based relationships.

This blog will explain the 10 main advantages of having an ebook in the modern-day. Although there are plenty of other benefits to having an ebook, these are the most important; the ones you really do need to know about when planning ahead with your marketing.

10 Benefits

1. Convenience

Almost anywhere your customers have an internet connection, they can download your ebook. And with every smartphone, tablet and device having this feature, along with social media, email and other credible information platforms available, all of your customers should be able to do this. From using their own wifi at home, free wifi at their local coffee shop or even their own 4G to download it on their way home from work, a solid internet connection is all they need to access your ebook. How convenient!

2. Instantaneous

Ebooks are downloaded almost instantly. No long queues at the local book store, no waiting for a copy to be delivered to your customers’ front doors for days or weeks on end. No more missing it while you’re at work and having to wait another day to collect at your local post office. Your customers can access you 24/7 in a matter of seconds, without you having to do anything.

3. Adaptability

Providing accessibility of your products to all customers should be one of your priorities. Ebooks allow you to offer this with the use of the following interactive features; enlarging font sizes, changing the colour of the pages and including visual images for prompts. Ebooks even allow highlighted text to be read out loud from the device. Your customers with additional needs can fully immerse themselves in your book with the multimedia format of their choice.

4. Accessibility

Once your ebook is downloaded you can access it wherever you please. If the internet connection is only temporary, no need to worry. As soon as it’s finished downloading, it is on your device forever and can always be accessed without an internet connection. Meaning, your customers can access your ebook again and again without the stress of needing a reliable internet source. You can be confident that when they follow the call to action and get in touch, they are already aware of who you are and how you can help. Your sales process is mostly taken care of by your ebook and trust has been established before your first conversation.

5. Sustainability

If you are an environmentalist, just aware of your carbon footprint, or even if you wish to do more for the environment, your moral compass will not be deterred as ebooks will allow you to distribute your content without cutting down any trees or production pollution. Now your customers can learn about you whilst lowering their environmental impact. Not only will you feel good, but your customers will also feel just as satisfied knowing their purchase of your ebook is eco-friendly.

6. Easy to find

If your future readers were to simply search for keywords and phrases online, your book will appear. Maybe they are researching suppliers. Perhaps they’re looking to expand their knowledge in the field you happen to be an expert in. Or they could just fancy something interesting to read. They can sit comfortably and find your ebook almost instantly whenever they require and they’re all ready to go.

7. Portability

Unlike paperback and hardback books, which account for one physical book per topic, multiple ebooks can live on one device. Your customers could be carrying hundreds of books with them every day and yet only need to physically carry the weight of one light-weight device. No need to lug around heavy books…which leads me onto reason number 8.

8. Annotations

Your readers are free to make notes, add annotations, highlight paragraphs and save pages when reading an ebook. This makes creating and referring to research highly effortless. It not only saves time doing this all digitally but providing the possibility to make notes and add comments may subconsciously guide your reader into being more thoughtful when reading your book. This will only prompt them to be more engaged.

9. Low cost

On average, ebooks cost 50–60% lower to purchase than their identical paper versions and don’t include any distribution or shipping costs! Not to mention the thousands that are for free!

10. Includes your own personal helper

Ever read a sentence in a book and could make zero sense of what was being said due to one single word you have never seen before? Or maybe you do know the word but for some reason, that word has decided to leave your brain just when you need it most? Well, what I would say to that is DO NOT PANIC! Ebook readers and computers alike are built with their own dictionaries, providing the meanings of every word included.

Your customers would have their own little helper, assisting them in understanding your book to the fullest so they can really take everything from your book you’d want them to. Not only is this super helpful but if you fancied translating your book into other languages to cater for your worldwide audience, all ebooks are fitted with translators, so this can be done with the touch of a button.

While only a brief insight into the many advantages of authoring an ebook to you and your customers, these 10 benefits are enormous in terms of their impact. It really has never been easier to share your intellectual property and personality with the people most important to your business. Authoring ebooks offers you the opportunity to do just that.

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