Why A Content Triangle Has The Power To Transform Lives

Why A Content Triangle Has The Power To Transform Lives (Including Your Own) By Georgia Kirke With Special Guests Kat Lewis And Ivan Meakins

Every single book is unique with its own power and depth, but in this fast-paced world blogs and podcasts are becoming increasingly relevant. The day-to-day conversational and sharing life through your lens approach really helps people engage more quickly with you and your message, and in a more personal, transparent way too.

In last week’s blog we discussed the importance of knowing your audience, and building a solid framework for your book so that your message creates impact.

By sharing content of value through blogs, podcasts and books you build relationships with your ideal clients, help them get to know, like and trust you, and draw them closer to you.

The WBR team has its own in-house editor, Kat Lewis, and content developer, Ivan Meakins, who both ensure that our clients are delivering high-quality content packaged in the right way for the intended audience.

You can hear our full conversation on Interviews With Experts.

Building relationships at the right level

Kat has some valuable insights on the different ways that people consume books, blogs and podcasts.

Kat: “A book is like going out for a three course meal with a friend. You sit down and unpack everything. You can spend a dedicated amount of time focusing on that one person, whereas a blog or a podcast is much more like grabbing a quick drink and catching up which makes it a great way to begin a new relationship. It’s conversational and informal.

It’s important to think about how people consume content. Some days I want to curl up with a book for hours at a time, other days I am happy with a quick podcast or blog as a touchpoint. We have different requirements at different stages in our journeys; a mix of content is really valuable to building a community of people who want what you offer. People also learn in different ways; some prefer to listen while others prefer to read. Podcasts, blogs and books offer that mix.”

Kat has shared the importance of nurturing relationships with our community. A WBR client shared with me recently that he had just completed his 25th podcast; it was a major milestone for him. That’s six months of weekly podcasts and thousands of words that can be turned into blogs and social media posts. These podcast transcripts can also form the backbone of his next book. This is an intelligent way to repurpose content and maximise reach.

Ivan summed it up perfectly.

Triangle of content

Ivan: “Books, blogs and podcasts all stem from your message being articulated through the spoken or written word. They feed off each other creating a triangle of content which becomes really exciting. If your content starts off in small mini chunks you might create a mini book or an ebook which could snowball into a larger piece of work. You can write a blog to promote a book, promote the book on your podcast and keep using all three platforms to promote the others.”

Content machine

Research tells us that it takes seven points of contact for someone to decide if they want to do business with you. Each of the platforms that Ivan mentioned helps you to reach a wider audience quickly.

One of our authors told me a new client called him and signed up to a £40k program. He had been listening to the author’s podcast for two years, read every blog, both his books and was ready to learn in person.

We should never underestimate the power of this content machine or its ability to accelerate the buying process.

Reverse engineering

Publishing with WBR can increase your revenue by five or six figures within a year. When you understand the power of reverse engineering, how these different types of content behave and how to leverage them, it’s a relatively small ambition for that return.

It’s clear that not only are we supporting people to get clear on their message and create impact, we’re also witnessing big transformations in our clients.

Kat has noticed a pattern.

The birth of an author

Kat: “When people are consistently producing a blog or podcast they learn so much about themselves and their audience which means that they can translate this into a book. They start in one place and build on the others which helps them refine their message and style.

Initially someone might say that they don’t think they can write a book or they’re worried people will ignore it, but once they have that finished book in their hands where their knowledge and their experiences are distilled into one piece of collateral it gives them amazing confidence.

One of my favourite things is seeing our new authors transform their nervous feelings into self-belief where they know their message and their ability to help people. It comes across in every aspect of their branding. It’s a virtuous circle. The more they do it, the better they get and that spiral continues.”

Owning your message

Confidence is a huge part of any business success and it’s a trait that Ivan recognises in his work as content developer.

Ivan: “Fully understanding who you are in the world, what your message is and how you want to help people supports you to shout loudly about what you do. When you own what you do it comes through in your social media posts, you get more traction, you become more confident, people start listening to you more and when they have a problem they remember that bit of content they consumed from you, which told them you have the solution.

It sounds crazy but if you get your message out there people will come to you and want to work with you, but that message needs to be done in the right way and presented to the right people in your authentic voice in order for it to have the desired impact.”

As Ivan explained, there is so much power in packaging content in the right way for your customers. At WBR our authors tell us that they feel validated by the process of writing a book.

Personal and professional evolution

Business owners spend a lot of time on the hamster wheel but when they write a book (or create a podcast or blog) with us we have a weekly or fortnightly call where we discuss their message and content in depth. That breathing space in itself is often enough to trigger a personal evolution. It accelerates success for us, for them, and for their new-found clients.

If you would love to share your business message and create more impact through books, blogs or podcasts, book your content and brand strategy session or email me info@writebusinessresults.com

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