5 Ways To Help You Earn £100k In A Year Once You Publish Your Book

Do you have a burning desire to write a business book but keep putting it off because you can’t see how it would bring in any money?

You’re not alone, but the truth is you’re likely to make approximately £1.25 profit per copy sold. You’d have to sell 80,000 books to earn £100k; sales of your book are not intended to be your primary source of income! They are a part of your six-figure-sales strategy.

Simply writing a book and getting it out there will not earn you significant money or give you “expert” status, which is why at Write Business Results we make time to discuss your goals, strategy and action, a process our authors tell us is “transformational”. 

We take the time to understand the big juicy message you want to share, who you want to buy the book, and what you want them to do once they’ve devoured it. We help you reverse engineer your work so that the right people are clambering over each other to work with you.

Without a solid structure, guidance and dedicated time, sending a book out into the world and hoping for the best is more than likely to end in disappointment. In this blog we’re going to look at five ways you can set yourself up to earn a six-figure income by publishing a business book.

  1. Synergy

Make sure your book and its overarching theme (language and art) is visible to everyone who interacts with you and your business. It’s vital that people get an instant feel for what you stand for and why. Your book needs to be easily accessible. Share it on your website, Amazon, and social media channels. Where else can you share information about it? In what ways can your team share it? Can you include info or a link to purchase in your email signature? Could you have a copy in the background of your online video calls? 

Have you shared your story and your new book with the local press? Local newspapers, radio and TV interviews are a fantastic way to help you build up a bigger presence. What about speaking engagements? Create a media ‘pack’ that includes a bio and a copy of your book for the organisers.

Make sure that your team lives and breathes the principles you share in the book. Your readers want to be taken on a journey; give them a good experience! Hop into your readers’ shoes and consider what needs to happen to create a positive customer experience throughout the whole of their journey.

  1. Signpost

Your target audience is likely bombarded by all kinds of messaging on a daily basis. For you to be seen and heard you need to position yourself and your book so that your target audience knows you’re the go to person for the help they want.

Are you running ads? Are you actively building and nurturing your community?  Are your calls to action clear? People are more likely to take action if there’s an obvious way to do it.

  1. Connection

Remember that whilst your book is a commercial asset it’s often a deeper connection with you, the author, that helps people fall in love with it, rave about it and seek ways to work with you.

There’s very little point in writing a book and then expecting it to create results on its own, if anything that makes your audience feel abandoned! The readers who have invested five hours or so reading your book already know so much about you and your work, they are no longer “cold leads”. Maximise the potential of what you’ve already shared.

When you use your book to nurture and optimise your business relationships you can accelerate your sales process, recruit top talent to your company, boost the return on your marketing and create additional content that shares more of you so that by the time people approach you to talk about working with you they’re likely already committed. When you build and nurture your community a relationship based on trust is already there to back up conversion.

  1. Service

Part of your six-figure book and business strategy can include developing and promoting your premium business offering (reminder – you’re not just selling books!). You might also choose to sell complementary courses or products. When you have a clear primary objective for your book (for example, to sell high-ticket coaching) sow that seed throughout your work so that people are drawn towards your service. 

In addition to this, think about your levels of customer care. What would you score your customer care out of 10 right now? What do you need to do to improve or enhance it? How can you bring your book into this process? It’s a constant one-to-many reminder of your “why”, and it’s a great way for your clients to share if they’re referring business your way.

  1. Systems

Have you ever read a book and made lots of notes (perhaps in different notebooks or on your phone) only to be unable to decipher them afterwards? Why not make it easy for people to come to you and continue their learning? You could create resources based on the key themes in your book and make them downloadable via your website to encourage people to subscribe to your list. Do you have a system in place to nurture new sign-ups? What automation do you have in place to make the lives of your clients and your team easier? Set up an automated email sequence and continue to engage with your subscribers as time rolls on.

Once you’ve done this, you and your team are free to focus on delivering your amazing service. Or perhaps it’s time to write another book?

What are the next steps?

In addition to the exhilaration of seeing your book in print, a lot of the excitement and momentum comes from sharing it in ways that add genuine value to your community and build the six-figure business you’re looking for.

If you’re committed to creating a solid six-figure author strategy book a discovery call to find out how the team at Write Business Results can help you write and publish a book that sells, creates impact, and gets you consistent high-level results. Whether you’re looking to earn a six- or seven-figure income the right strategy will help you get there.

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