Hello, 2020! Let’s do this…

My name is Georgia Kirke and I run Write Business Results. I set up Write Business Results nearly five years ago now because I felt that I could create a radically different expert positioning company specifically for business leaders, that really focuses on their key topics. My vision was for that company to offer the authority and opportunities that business leaders can get by sharing their expert positioning content via a traditional publisher, but without having to sign away their rights, their intellectual property, and without having to give away up to 90% in royalties. I wanted to make all of that more accessible, and combine it with the creativity, connectedness and the more technology-focused approach that you get with modern entrepreneurship.

At Write Business Results, the core of what we do is not just consulting on the publication of books written by or written for business leaders. We help entrepreneurs build their personal and professional brand to the highest level available to them through individualised, well-written, well thought out content. That can take the form of books – we offer a done for you writing service where we do all of the planning, the writing, the editing, the design, the publishing, and strategize the book launch. It can also take the form of done for you blogs. And this is executed using a carefully put together process that has been built and continues to be refined for nearly five years now.  

I wanted to extend the power of well-written high-quality content to business leaders beyond books, despite the fact that there has never been an easier time to become an author of a high-quality business book than now. And despite the fact that the returns can be huge, potentially seven and even eight figures. 

There are still some perceived barriers to becoming an author. People say, “Well, I’m too busy” or “I don’t have the writing skills” or “Who’s gonna read it”. Our processes take care of all of that. Nonetheless, there are thousands if not millions of small business owners who have very important messages to share and a lot to say who are scared to share it. They have an awful lot of anecdotes and real-life experience they’ve built up over the course of their time in business. And so I really wanted to create an environment and create a world where business stories are actually told, without those barriers.

I also then extended this done for you process that I’ve created for the books, to blogs for businesses, as well. There really is now a situation where business owners can put their story and their message and their content, their knowledge out there, on this regular consistent basis in a way that genuinely moves their audience to make changes in their life and come back into the author’s business as a client. The impact of the books and blogs is huge. 

And so what I wanted to do in my own series of blogs is really just communicate the importance of putting your content out there and share some tips for how you can do that too, regardless of time or budget.

Why now?

When things are going well, it can be tempting to kind of just ride that wave and enjoy it. At the same time when you’re doing that you’re potentially blind to the risks; the invisible threats to your business and to your reputation. It’s very, very important that you’re continually putting yourself out there and being prepared to be vulnerable in front of your audience so that they can see you as a real person, rather than simply a successful person, even though we could all consider ourselves successful when you see somebody with a very polished appearance on social media.

People talk about success a lot when their messages are purely business-focused. And that can create this feeling of that person being inaccessible. The point of content is the opposite of that. It should create real engagement, allowing people access to you. Not just what you do, but why you do it. 

At the same time, when things are not going well, people turn their focus internally. The look at their business, their cash, their results, and they forget to see things from their customers’ perspective. 

There’s actually a huge amount of opportunity at the moment that’s already apparent in most industries and will continue to grow as this goes on, even through the predicted economic downturn. I think what’s different about this particular period of time versus previous downturns is that this one isn’t divisive; quite the opposite. We’re all in it together. And it’s actually connecting people. It’s increasing people’s appetites for online learning and consuming digital content. And it’s important that we can show people we’re still here while we’re all locked away in our homes. 

So the next few blogs, at the very least, will certainly be focused on things that are happening right now and things that you can do right now to get great results. And from what I understand the good news about what’s happening is that it’s going to disappear almost as quickly as it came. 

So while life isn’t going to go back to being exactly the same as it was before, it’s going to be changed probably for the better in the grand scheme of things, because the face of business and the landscape that we’re used to operating in will have shifted quite dramatically. 

And so I’m going to be sharing the kind of latest on that with you and how you can actually capitalise on it in your own business, regardless of industry or how long you’ve been in business for. I hope you enjoy these blogs. Writing them is certainly something I’m really excited about and as always I welcome your questions, thoughts, comments, feedback, and just love to hear from you in general.

Why would you read them?

Reading these blogs should help contribute to an understanding of not just why you need to be concerned with expert positioning, but actually the sheer heights of what you can achieve when you are AND how you can get started and progress. When you do, you help people to become inspired and motivated. You will start sharing real content, personal content, that’s appropriate for your audience and appropriate for your brand, as well as showing people who you really are and what you stand for. 

Ultimately, whether it’s in good times, or bad, we’re all only human and people are looking to make genuine human connection. They can only do that if you’re showing them who you really are, and what your values are, and the beliefs that underpin what you do in your business. So I want to demonstrate the importance of building your personal and professional brands. The sheer power of regular consistent value-led and original content. And in a day and age where consumers, regardless of whether it’s b2b or b2c, whoever your audience is, are consuming content more and more online. 

With more people than ever before working from home, that shift is going to continue to happen, I would say at a very rapid pace now. So it’s important to start thinking about when people look for your service online, what do they see? Do they see you or do they see your competitors and if they see your competitors, you need to do something about it. When people get through these tough times that we’re in at the moment and people start buying again and releasing marketing budgets again, you need to be in front of mind. Now is the time to be building up your brand and your reputation, stay visible, stay relevant, stay up to date. 

The blogs that I’ll be putting out now are designed to move the conversation around books and blogs and content in general, away from time, money, and the classic “write that book and grow your business”. These messages have become quite generic. Actually, the true importance, the true power of books, has gotten lost. 

And again, with blogs, the focus is so much social media platforms, and unpaid advertising, retargeting. Blogging was all the rage even as recently as three years ago, and now it seems to be becoming the secondary focus again, but you know, how about this? How about having a regular weekly blog that’s SEO-optimised that brings thousands of visitors to your sites who wouldn’t ordinarily have heard of you. And that in time, gives you enough content to actually start creating that book. So you can graduate what you’re putting out there. But just making sure that what does go out is really meaningful and has a kind of particular purpose behind it, and is totally focused on your target audience. 

Why would you listen to me?

I want to share years of content creation experience with you to help you grow and because I love what I do. We should all be able to be successful and have businesses that really help people. That kind of opportunity is available to all of us in 2020, and so my two cents is around content creation because that is what I do and it’s something I deeply care about. 

The other reason for me doing this is to practice what I preach. So I’ve just said all of that amazing stuff about content. And realistically, I spend all of my time up to six days a week writing for other people and helping other people do that and training my team to do that. This amounts to almost zero time creating my own content, and that’s no good. So, I’m also going to be putting this into practice myself. 

I’ll share my own results with you in terms of engagement, in terms of website traffic, in terms of how I’m able to expedite the writing of my own books and blogs and rapidly create other forms of content. I want to actually show what’s possible using the processes that I’ve developed to make this quick and easy and simple and fun. 

The style of the blogs is going to be based on my personal experience, it’s based on my professional experience, and the Write Business Results team has worked on over 300 business books now. Personally, I am working with close to my 80th author. So this is a process for books and blogs that works. The typical returns my clients see tend to fall between £60,000-£120,000 within 12 months of publishing and that is money that is a direct result of putting their book or their regular content out there. So, that is money that can be directly attributed to the activity of publishing high-quality content using my process. That doesn’t account for the incremental revenue and the indirect revenue that you get from simply being present in your own marketplace, through claiming ownership of your intellectual niche. 

There’ll be opportunities that come back to you after publishing that will be hard to attribute directly to that specific content, but are inevitable, because when you start the conversation, people will join in and so you will see this momentum and you’ll see this increased engagement in all different areas of your business. While this is based on personal experience and my own opinion, this can be quantified. There’s going to be evidence of this as well. 

Where can you find this content?

This is a weekly blog, starting today, shared across my LinkedIn and on the Write Business Results website. They will also be going into my Facebook group for entrepreneurs who are concerned with expert positioning – it’s called the Expert Positioning Network, you can find that on Facebook. 

I hope you enjoy!

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