The Excuses Authors Make & What To Do If You Do Them Too!

Perhaps in our shortest blog EVER, today we expose ‘the B word’. The 3-letter laggard loitering around so many aspiring authors…That waspish self-talk we know doesn’t serve us but somehow can’t resist…The crème de la crème of procrastination…
It’s that big BUT!
No matter how hard you try, you can’t shake a feeling that you haven’t been cautious enough. You want to start, but you need to do more research before starting something this personal. 
You’ve been burned in the past by service providers and just don’t feel comfortable relinquishing control. Perhaps you’re lacking clear criteria or a decision-making process and that’s keeping this project stagnant in your pipeline but without a clear way forward, what can you do?
We do get ourselves into some decision-making dilemmas and with the average adult making 35,000 decisions each day, that’s not surprising. In business, it could arguably be more. However, these dilemmas are not always helpful. So I want you to know two things:
1. You are most definitely not alone
2. I can help you
To demonstrate point number 1, I’ve put together the list below of ‘buts’ that feel big, but in fact, have never ONCE stopped us from turning an entrepreneur into an author – can you identify with one or more?
To demonstrate point number 2, I’ve made a small number of slots available for a 45 minute Book Discovery Call completely FREE OF CHARGE – book here now and then scroll down for a pretty hilarious list of the excuses we hear so often – recognise any?!…
– What if I don’t know enough? 
– Can I really call myself an expert? 
– What if no-one reads it? 
– Am I good enough? 
– I can’t write. 
– I can’t spell. 
– I don’t have time. 
– I don’t have the energy. 
– I don’t have the right expertise. 
– I don’t have a process. 
– I don’t know what to write about. 
– I don’t have the right structure. 
– I need a traditional publisher. 
– I don’t want to pay a traditional publisher but I don’t want to self-publish. 
– I don’t want it to “look self-published”. 
– I need some help but I don’t know who. 
– I kind of know who but I don’t have access. – I’ve started but not finished, yet I don’t want to outsource it. 
– I don’t want to outsource it but I can’t do it myself. 
– I would finish it but I’ve got writer’s block.
– If I don’t write it, it won’t sound like me. But I don’t have time to write it. 
– I want to delegate it, but I want to be in control. 
– Someone else has written on my topic already so it’s taken. 
– No-one else has written on my topic – does that mean no-one’s interested? 
– I want to know what results I’ll get before I start, then I’ll have the confidence to move forwards. 
– I’d better wait until I’m ready…
Oh dear!
If any of the above sound familiar, it’s time to talk to the experts. Contact us to secure a free Book Discovery Call with me before they go (there are only so many I can do) and bring your biggest buts! 
We’ll work through them together and you’ll leave that call with a clear plan on where to go next.
Book your FREE Book Discovery Call now  and put your buts to bed for good.


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