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Storytelling, Authenticity, And Innovation: 3 Content Creation Lessons From The Goals Guy® 

By The WBR Team

Creating consistent content can be incredibly difficult. On one hand, you need to produce content that your audience will enjoy. On the other hand, new ideas are hard to come by, especially if your creative juices have run dry. 

So how do the A-players do it?

We’ve collected a few lessons from our Content Creator of the Month, Doug Bennett, a.k.a The Goals Guy®. Doug is a lifestyle and financial planner and host of the Goals Do Come True podcast. Since 2020, he has aired over 100 podcast episodes on effective goal-setting. 

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best practices that have helped Doug keep the ball rolling (even after a nearly-fatal accident). 

1. Leverage the power of storytelling

55 per cent of consumers are more likely to remember a story than a list of facts. And that’s simply because the human brain is naturally attuned towards narratives and stories.

While data still matters, storytelling is the glue that holds all your ideas together. It brings your content to life and turns chaos into order. More importantly, storytelling tools can help make your content more engaging and relevant to your audience. 

At the core of it all, today’s audience wants a genuine story – a narrative that speaks to their specific situation and provides actionable solutions at the same time. So, before you put your pen to paper (or grab a podcast mic), ask yourself: what story am I telling?

Doug certainly understands the power of a compelling story – which we can see reflected in his content. While his podcast focuses on providing goal-setting insights, he weaves a clear narrative into each episode, sharing his (and his guests’) own personal experiences.

2. Be authentic

Creating content that truly resonates with your audience requires a healthy dose of authenticity. But what does this actually mean?

In simple terms, it means honesty and transparency. Authentic content is original, relatable, and transparent. It’s about collating your unique experiences and giving your audience the real deal – the hard truth – even if it feels uncomfortable.

Recently, Doug was involved in a nearly-fatal motorcycle accident that left him in hospital for weeks. This experience, as frightening as it was, brought him some much-needed perspective, and he translated that into a raw podcast episode about recalibrating priorities and focusing on the right goals.

3. Experiment and innovate

Many content creators tend to make one mistake: re-inventing the wheel. Maybe you tried one content strategy in the past, and it worked brilliantly. 

But then, two years roll by, the world has moved on, and you’re still stuck on the same strategy, making no attempt to pivot or innovate. After all, why fix it if it’s not completely broken?

With content creation, you have to constantly experiment and find new ways to reach and engage with your audience. Times change, and so do people’s interests. The more you’re able to match the changing tides with innovative content strategies, the better results you’ll see.

Doug is no stranger to experimenting and innovating. Although he initially started out with a blog and podcast series, he has now expanded his reach by creating a weekly live webinar series for his audience.

It’s worth noting that innovating with your content doesn’t have to be overly complicated. It could be as simple as switching up your content channels or focusing on short-form, media-rich content. By dedicating time to research and experimenting, you’ll be able to devise a strategy that works for you and your audience.

How will Doug’s experience inspire your own content creation journey moving forwards? 

If you’re keen to make the most out of your content, whether it’s repurposing what you have or creating a whole new strategy, book a free Clarity Call today to find out how our team of experts can help.

Congratulations to Doug Bennett once again! Doug is the author of Think Simple, Win Big and host of the Goals Do Come True podcast.

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