How to Launch a Podcast

How To Launch A Podcast: 3 Valuable Blogs For Creating A Winning Podcast

By Sogi Chukwuanu

Over the last decade, podcasts have soared in popularity. In 2019, there were 274.8 million listeners worldwide, accounting for 14.4 per cent of global internet users. In 2022, this figure grew to 424.2 million – 20.3 per cent of all internet users.

But while podcasts may have become more popular (with big brands like Dior, Ford, and Vodafone jumping into the foray), it’s still not a smooth ride for first-timers. Between hosting options, topic scouting, promotion, and everything else that goes into creating a podcast, the mere thought can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve compiled some of our best content on how to launch a podcast and drive incredible results.

5 Formats For Planning A Successful And Effective Business Podcast

The planning phase is perhaps one of the most crucial stages along your podcasting journey. The decisions made here have a significant impact on the overall quality and reception of your podcast. So, you want to ensure that you’ve laid the proper groundwork for success. 

This blog by our Founder, Georgia Kirke, looks at the best five formats for planning a business podcast. While the tips in this blog are tailored for business leaders, their principles still apply to any type of podcast.

Here’s a preview of one of our favourite formats – it’s the same one we use for our Content Untapped podcast series!

Co-hosted Podcast

These podcasts, where two or more people discuss a topic, are really good fun. You need to make sure that all hosts are on the same page though. Do this by discussing the relationship beforehand. Some things to consider are:

  • Having a good rapport. If you don’t have good chemistry or struggle to keep a conversation flowing with your co-host, you won’t be interesting to listen to!
  • Motivations for doing the show. Will there be a beneficial result to both hosts or is one agreeing to help out with the other’s idea?
  • Be clear on each host’s role. Avoid cross-talk or awkward silences by establishing cues for when to talk and what each person is bringing to the conversation and episode. This is particularly important if one of you is more talkative than the other!

Remember – for this type of podcast, it’s not just about sharing the knowledge you both possess. It’s also a chance to build relationships, have some fun, and entertain your listeners with banter.

Capture Your Perfect Audience With 4 Ways To Find Valuable Podcasting Topics

The main goal of content is to educate, entertain, and inspire. To succeed with this trifecta you have to focus on one group of people: your audience. So, it goes without saying that your audience – the very people you want to reach – should remain front-of-mind at every stage of your podcast journey.

This follow-up blog from Georgia delves into four key strategies for identifying the topics that resonate with your audience. Here’s the first strategy (it’s also the most popular!). You can find the others in the full blog post:

Ask the Audience

The first, and perhaps most obvious, is to ask your audience directly. You want to provide value with your content, so interacting with your audience to discover what they would value and want to know is a good place to start.

You do this by proactively going out and asking. This might look different depending on where your audience can be found or the platforms you use to reach them.

You might go into mastermind groups or ask your clients directly. Social media platforms are useful here, thanks to the fact that most support polls these days. You can create a list of potential topics, and have your audience vote on their favourites! Another benefit to this is that you can also use the popularity of the topics to help you plan the order in which you release episodes.

8 Strategies For Promoting Your Podcast And Capturing A Wider Audience

In 2021, The Podcast Host set up a survey to determine the areas most podcasters find difficult or get stuck at – 47 per cent of respondents admitted that they struggled the most with promotion. 

If, like most podcasters, you’ve been wondering how to launch a podcast on social media, you’ll find the clarity you seek in this blog.

It contains actionable, organic tips to help you launch your podcast successfully and draw in new listeners. 

Here is a quick extract, detailing one of the basic steps for ensuring that your podcast gets discovered by a wider pool of listeners:


The first step is adding your podcast to all the available directories – you can do this through your hosting platforms. These directories are like the online “Yellow Pages” for podcasts – the more obvious ones being Spotify or iTunes. Different people find their podcasts in different places, so ensure you have your podcast listed in as many directories as possible.

If you’re not sure how to launch a podcast on Apple, here’s a detailed article by Buzzsprout to guide you through each stage. 

How much does it cost to launch a podcast?

There are a few variables that go into the overall cost of a podcast such as the format, complexity, equipment, duration, and whether you choose to do it yourself. Generally, the cost of starting and launching a podcast could range anywhere between hundreds of pounds and a few thousand pounds. 

It all depends on what you want, what skills you have and how you want to create and launch your podcast.

Has this blog answered any of your questions about launching your podcast? Do you feel more confident about embarking on this journey?

If you’d like some extra guidance and support on how to get your podcast to chart-topping levels, book a free Clarity Call today to find out how our team of experts can help. 

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