How A Rent-To-Rent Expert Hit #1 Amazon Bestseller In 3 Categories

How A Rent-To-Rent Expert Hit #1 Amazon Bestseller In 3 Categories

By The WBR Team

You’ve probably heard people talk about Amazon bestsellers and how having this badge can improve your book’s credibility and sales. But have you ever wondered how some books earn this spot while others never move up in the rankings? 

Since January 2022, 100 per cent of the books we’ve launched and run marketing campaigns for have become Amazon bestsellers within a week of launching. Recently, Simon Smith, our Content Creator of the Month, joined these ranks using our Bestselling Book Launch Campaign.

His new book, Rent-to-Rent 2.0: The Art of Cash Flowing a Property You Don’t Own, hit  #1 Amazon bestseller in three categories in its first week of launch.

The big question here is: how?

In this blog, we’ll break down what it takes to earn that coveted #1 spot and what you can learn from Simon’s experience.

1. Construct and prime your email list

One of the greatest assets to have as a ready-to-publish author is a group of people willing and eager to buy your book. You want to build interest and anticipation – not just on launch day but even weeks ahead. 

That’s where your email list comes in.

Create a list and start building anticipation around your book in the weeks leading up to launch. This is your chance to let potential readers know what you’ve been up to, what’s coming their way, and any benefits they may gain from reading your book.

In Simon’s case, he already had a close-knit email list from his rent-to-rent business, which made his email campaign remarkably smooth. All he had to do was keep his audience in the loop, let them know what was in it for them, and count down to the big launch. 

When launch day finally rolled around, he had a host of eager, interested buyers. 

Do you have a thriving network you can leverage to launch your book? It’s worth noting that while emails are generally more personal, social media posts – especially if you have a large, engaged community – are just as effective.

2. Host promotional events and webinars

In addition to creating an email campaign, you can also host an event or online webinar where you promote your book. 

The key to effectively leveraging this strategy isn’t by pushing the hard sell. Instead, focus on delivering real value to your audience. You want to make the webinar as valuable as possible and integrate interactive segments like Q&A sessions, live readings, or discussions. This not only piques your audience’s interest but also fosters a deeper connection with them, increasing the value of the book.

To get people interested in your webinar in the first place, it’s worth throwing in an exclusive offer for attendees. This could be a discount on the book, early access, or even a bundle of free resources.

An integral part of Simon’s launch success was the fact that he hosted a value-packed webinar with an exclusive book offer for all the attendees. This allowed him to sell over 400 copies in three days, catapulting his book up the charts!

3. Choose your categories carefully

A few months ago, Amazon KDP updated its process for book categorisation, limiting books to only three categories in the Amazon Marketplace. This means that authors need to take a lot more time to pick the right categories for their books to rank in.

Simon certainly understood the importance of choosing the right categories and striking a balance between competitiveness and popularity. It’s no wonder his book hit #1 in ALL his three categories.

P.S.: If you’d like to learn how to handle your Amazon categorisation, check out our blog, How To Choose Categories For Your New Book On Amazon KDP

Final thoughts

It’s important to note that book marketing never fully ends. Even after attaining bestseller status, you still have to ensure that you’re making the most of your new book. 

Think about how you can make your book work for you. Have you considered turning it into a lead magnet? Repurposing it into further pieces of content? Prior to and beyond launch day, start thinking about not just what you can do for your book but what your book can do for you and your business as well.

If you need some help getting your book off the ground, drop us a line at or book a Clarity Call to find out how we can help.

Congratulations to Simon Smith once again! Simon is a property investor and mentor, and the author of Rent-to-Rent 2.0: The Art of Cash Flowing a Property You Don’t Own.

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