How A Practice Leader Is Using Content To Drive Change (1)

How A Practice Leader Is Using Content to Drive Change In Her Industry 

The WBR Team

Are you creating content simply for content’s sake? Or are you leveraging your message to disrupt and drive change within your niche?

For Emily Ball, Co-founder of Leading Practice Ltd and our Content Creator of the Month, it’s the latter. 

After experiencing a frightening personal crisis in 2021 that shook the very foundations of her practice, Emily embarked on a new mission. She decided to help practice owners and health professionals safeguard against unforeseen emergencies and build a resilient practice – mainly through value-driven content. 

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the lessons we’ve learned from Emily’s content creation journey and how you can leverage these practices to create change within your industry too.

Take a collaborative approach to creating content 

If you’ve followed any of our previous blogs or even our podcast, Content Untapped, you’ve probably heard us talk about the power of collaboration. Collaboration can drive incredible results – whether it’s working closely with a team of content experts to help you craft your unique message or teaming up with other industry leaders. 

Not only does it give you a broader perspective on what your target audience needs to hear, but it can also be a portal for driving change and discovering more exciting ideas. What’s more, when you collaborate with other leaders in your industry, you’ll expand your network and further boost your credibility.

In Emily’s case, she’s not only partnered with us to work on an exciting new project, but she’s constantly collaborating with other practice leaders to provide value within her industry. A clear example of this is her recent collaboration with Foot Medic™ Group for a Podiatry Business Bootcamp coming up later this year.

By doing this, she’s helping other practice leaders avoid burnout – which is so prevalent within the industry – build a resilient business and work towards their long-term goals. 

Build a strong social media network

Recent research shows that 72.8 per cent of internet users use social media for brand research. This means that if your target audience wants to find out more about your brand, social media will probably be their first port of call.

What we love about Emily’s content strategy is that she has invested so much time and effort into building a strong LinkedIn network. She posts consistently on LinkedIn, providing her audience with actionable tips and value-packed content – much of which revolves around helping her audience become better practice leaders.

She’s currently gearing up to launch her new book, and over the past few weeks, she has initiated a strategic campaign to keep her audience engaged until the big day. By providing them with intriguing teasers, valuable content, and leveraging other social media strategies, Emily is gradually building anticipation for her book, and her campaign has gained significant traction.

It’s also worth noting that while genuine, value-driven content is key to building a strong social media network, it’s only one part of the equation. You’ll also need to actively engage with your audience and other industry leaders – whether that’s by responding to comments and interacting with their content or providing real-time updates to engage with them on a more personal level.

Is this something you’re ready to do?

If you’d like to improve your marketing efforts and use content to create positive change within your industry, why not book a free Clarity Call today to find out how our team of experts can help? 

P.S: Keep your eyes peeled for Emily’s new book, Practice Resilience. It’s hitting the shelves soon.

Congratulations to Emily Ball once again! Emily is the Co-founder of  Leading Practice Ltd, a professional coaching consultancy, and Managing Director of Active Step Healthcare.

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