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3 Powerful Lessons We’ve Learned From Matt And Gill, Our Content Creators Of The Month

By The WBR Team

There’s a huge difference between simply creating content and creating meaningful content – and the distinguishing factor isn’t just an adjective. While many entrepreneurs strive for the latter, only a few get to the finish line.

Meaningful content is user-centric – it cuts through the noise and provides immense value for the readers, pushing them to feel or do something. Last month, two entrepreneurs stood out to us with their propensity for hitting the mark and creating meaningful content: Matt Hall and Gill Kelly.

Matt and Gill are the directors of Making Stuff Better, a team of ICF-accredited coaches committed to creating regenerative spaces for visionary school leaders around the world. They also host the Principled podcast alongside Naomi Ward where they share their experiences and highlight relevant issues in the world of educational leadership. 

As we celebrate Matt and Gill for being our Content Creators of the Month, here are some lessons we can draw from their content strategy:

Have a clear mission

What goal are you trying to achieve? Why are you creating this specific content?

Your mission serves as the backbone for each piece of content you create. It provides a sense of direction and can help you cut through the noise. Mission-driven content goes beyond the surface – it dives deep into the marrow, educating, sparking discussion, and making an impact on your audience.

To gain pin-sharp clarity on what your mission/goal is, it’s worth taking a look at your core audience, their problems, and the tools you have at your disposal to solve those problems.

For Matt and Gill, their mission is clear. They want to spark courageous conversations and share leadership stories from around the globe. So far, they’ve hit the mark with this and are helping educational leaders discover exciting new insights.

Keep the conversation going

“Quit when the ovation is loudest.”

Chances are that you’ve heard this quote before. However, while it may apply to certain aspects of life, it doesn’t hold true it comes to creating content for your audience. 

As an entrepreneur, you don’t want to leave when the ovation is loudest. Instead, you want to keep your audience clapping by giving them something more – something noteworthy. This way, you’ll keep your audience engaged and ensure that your brand remains imprinted in their memories.

So, your blog has had a successful run. What’s next? Don’t just quit then; keep the applause and the conversation rolling by creating a book.

Matt and Gill certainly understand this principle. After launching their bestselling book, Principled: A Guide To Being Yourself As a School Leader, which hit #1 status in four different categories on Amazon, they didn’t just call it a day. Instead, they used it as a springboard to launch a podcast that keeps their mission relevant and rolling. Today, their podcast ranks at number 97 on Apple Podcasts and has up to 354 downloads in the last 30 days!

Collaborate with other experts in your niche

Contrary to what some people may believe, sharing the stage with other experts in your niche doesn’t detract or shift the attention away from your brand. Instead, it establishes you as a visible force – an expert within your niche who sits at the table with other experts. More importantly, it adds depth to your content, bringing in unique perspectives and making it more meaningful.

What we love about Matt and Gill’s content strategy is that each podcast episode features value-packed insights – not just from them – but from other experts and special guests, giving their audience a taste of something new.

If you’re looking to borrow a page from Matt and Gill’s handbook and start creating meaningful content, why not book a clarity call today to find out how our team of experts can help?

Congratulations to Matt Hall and Gill Kelly once again! They are the directors of Making Stuff Better, a team of ICF-accredited coaches committed to sparking conversations that matter with school leaders around the world. They also run the Principled podcast where they share insights into relevant issues within the educational leadership community. 

Edited by Sogi Chukwuanu, Content Copywriter

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