3 Tips From A Leadership Coach To Help You Create An Extraordinary Podcast

3 Tips From A Leadership Coach To Help You Create An Extraordinary Podcast

By The WBR Team

Producing a podcast from scratch is an incredibly brave endeavour. Not only does it require a lot of planning, skill, and experience, but it can also be hard to compete with thousands of other podcasts in your specialty (or millions if you’re considering those outside your niche).

That’s why new podcasters need all the tips and support they can get when it comes to pulling off this huge feat. And who better to learn from than our latest Content Creator of the Month?

Meet Dolly Waddell, a speaker and executive coach on a mission to revitalise leadership and help everyone add a little something extra to their ordinary. Earlier this month, she launched her new podcast, Extra-Ordinary Leaders, and it’s been a huge success.

In this blog, we’ll explore three expert tips from Dolly to help you get your show on the road and create something truly meaningful for your audience.

1. Build a bank of content

If you read our recent blog on podfading, you’ll know that one of the most common causes of this phenomenon is when a podcast host runs out of steam or is unable to record further episodes due to unforeseen circumstances. 

To prevent this from happening, it’s advisable to build a bank of content and put strategies in place to ensure that the show still goes on without you. We often recommend waiting to launch until you have about three to four episodes ready. 

This way, even if you do need to take a hiatus, you’ll have episodes in your content vault to share with your audience. What’s more, it frees up your time to brainstorm and think of exciting new ideas for your show.

Dolly incorporated this proactive approach into her launch and ongoing content strategy. By creating content well ahead of launch day, she was able to build a workable structure for her show, making it less likely to miss a deadline and fall out of rhythm.

And you can do this too!

2. Focus on being a great podcast host

If you’re an avid podcast listener, you’ve probably come across your fair share of terrible episodes. Boring questions. Overlapping voices. A host who won’t stop interrupting their guest. You get the picture.

Ideally, your show shouldn’t come across like a hostage situation where the participants are being forced to perform. Instead, the conversation should flow smoothly and both the host and the guest need to sound like they’re enjoying it. 

This all comes down to your hosting skills. How well do you know your guests? How much preparation goes into each episode? Do you find that you’re interrupting guests frequently to share your own “perspective”? 

It’s important to focus on getting to know your guests before you meet them to record, which takes preparation. You also need to be aware of your own tendencies when interviewing to avoid the potential pitfall of interrupting too frequently., Doing all of this will ensure that you’re asking the right questions and giving your guests time to answer them. That way, it’s much more likely your listeners will hear something meaningful and profound.

What’s truly impressive about Dolly’s podcast is how much attention she pays to her hosting skills,  thereby creating a warm, conducive learning space for both her listeners and her guests.

Here’s what one review says:

P.S: For more information on improving your interview skills, check out our blog, Top 10 Tips For Becoming The Best Podcast Host & Getting The Most Out Of Your Guests.

3. Be open to feedback

Constructive feedback is an integral part of content creation – whether you’re running a podcast, blog, or writing a book. This allows you to spot any potential gaps and adapt and improve your show to meet your audience’s changing needs.

Dolly fully understands the importance of user feedback. That’s why she always leaves room for her audience to share their opinions and thoughts – not just in the closing segment of her podcast but on social media as well. 

By doing so, she gets helpful insights into what her listeners love most, why they feel connected to the show and the different ways in which she can improve.

Which one of these three tips stands out to you? 

We’d love to know! Drop us an email, and if you’re looking to create your own extraordinary podcast, book a free Clarity Call today to find out how our team of experts can help.

Congratulations to Dolly Waddell once again! Dolly is a speaker, executive coach, and host of the Extra-Ordinary Leaders podcast. 

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