“Absolutely FANTASTIC experience working with Georgia and her incredible team. Thanks to their help and support, I was able to hit bestseller status in not one, but FOUR categories on the same day in just 7 days in a very saturated space. I cannot recommend the team highly enough.

To say they care would be an understatement – I really felt they went above and beyond to help me launch a book I’m proud of. I’ve now got another 3 different ideas for books I’d like to work on and I will most certainly be working with Georgia’s team again!

“I had book inside of me, but did not know how to get it out on paper. Georgia and her team patiently and expertly guided me through the process and I couldnt have done it without them.

“Did I ever tell you about the time I went to a workshop for business authors in my 33rd week of pregnancy? That’s when I met Georgia Kirke.
She must have wondered: was I there to give birth to a book, or a baby?
In fact, it took me 3 years to birth the book, whereas my son was born just 7 weeks later.
Back then, I wanted to write about the future of work. Little did I know that that future would soon be shaken by a pandemic. Add to that a series of personal difficulties as I lost my father and fought to adapt my business, and you have a recipe for either a breakdown or a breakthrough. With Georgia by my side, I had the latter. She helped with all aspects of the actual book, which turned out to be the one I wanted to write all along: the definitive guide to mental fitness.
Georgia was instrumental throughout. Strategise, edit, design, publish, promote – she does it all with a rare passion and professionalism.

I’ll never forget when we cracked the title of my book – ‘The Hidden Edge’ in one Zoom call. We were so excited that we punched the air and did a virtual high-five. That’s Georgia: the optimist with an infectious laugh who lives to get wins for others.
If you’re an entrepreneur who’s committed to growing personally and professionally and you know you have a valuable business book, blog or podcast in you, Georgia is there to ensure your success.

Along the way, she’ll delight you with her down-to-earth personality and commitment to your vision.
She even introduced me to Wiley, who became my publisher.
That’s the kind of person Georgia is, and today I just want to say: Thank you!!!”
Jodie Rogers, Founder & Managing Director at Symbia Partners, author of The Hidden Edge: Why Mental Fitness is the Only Advantage That Matters in Business

“4 years penning it and with you 10 months to finish it! Best seller in 2 categories to boot!!! Thanks Georgia and team for your coaching and support! Rockyxxxx

Michael Bibb, author of The R.O.C.K.Y Project

“Are you thinking of writing a book? Are you thinking of putting a pen to paper? My advice would be stop thinking and take some action. I did and I wish I’d have done it earlier. Georgia will map out the journey, guide you through the process and share an abundance of hints and tips throughout. Her knowledge, experience and expertise is worth its weight in gold. So be an action taker, not an excuse maker and get in touch with Georgia and her team of book writing experts. You’ll have heaps of fun as well.

“You have a fantastic idea for a book and you know it will sell, but where do you start? There are so many aspects to taking your book from being a fantastic idea to getting it into print, no wonder most people’s dreams of writing a book never get off the ground.

If you are really serious about getting your book written and published then you need to engage Georgia, not only is she an expert in the whole book writing and publishing process, she is an excellent coach and problem solver, motivating you when you need it, providing you with suggestions and solutions, giving you a simple plan to follow, keeping you on track and accountable… and before you know it there it is… you have your book!

Apart from being extremely knowledgeable about the Industry, Georgia is also kind, caring, and thoughtful… and she also has a genuinely funny sense of humour!

Georgia was recommended to us by someone who had engaged her services previously and we were really happy that we took their advice. We have had such a positive experience and fully recommend her services.”

Nicola Taylor, author of Be More Kid

“Georgia and the team go above and beyond to help your message come to life in your book. The sign of a true professional company is that no matter what, they want you to be happy and will make sure you are matched with the right support along the way.

Setting up all the accounts and the techie side of it all stresses me so to have it taken taken off my hands was heaven so I was free to be creative to author my book from the heart without stress,

I really do recommend WBR 10/10

That’s why I’m coming back for more assistance with book no2.

Thanks to all the team x”

Caroline Sanderson, author of The Salon Jedi

“If you are serious about writing a book, I would highly recommend Georgia Kirke and her outstanding team at Write Business Results. I had been wanting to write a book since 2015 and although I wanted the content to represent the why, how and what of my approach to wealth planning, I really didn’t have a clue where to start and how much to write – furthermore, as a family man and business owner, I really needed someone who would coach and encourage me, someone who would keep me on track and provide a clear and transparent journey to follow. Georgia is incredibly patient and a true professional and if you’re serious about being an author then see Write Business Results as an investment in yourself and your business – you won’t regret it.”

“After signing with publisher Wiley, I hired Write Business Results to help me write my business book. Their publishing support is excellent – they helped me to map my book out, transcribed my content videos and prepared my book for submission to my publisher.
After publishing, I also launched my podcast with Write Business Results’ help. Write Business Results took my story and ideas and applied their process to turn them into a Top 20 book that helps me grow my business.

“Georgia at Write Business Results did a phenomenal job helping me to create and publish my most recent book ‘Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity’ which when straight in at number 1 on the charts at 7.34am on the day of its release.

I did my homework on a number of companies before choosing to collaborate with Write Business Results on this project and I was not disappointed. Very quick to get back with you and pragmatic solutions.

Highly recommended for your next book project.”

“The Write Business Results team have enabled me to begin to build my personal brand using books, blogs and more recently a podcast, all this just being interviewed for an hour every two weeks! They have made it incredibly easy to share my expertise with the world which in turn promotes my companies and the companies I work with in a thoroughly modern way!

“2 years ago I went on a book writing boot camp with Georgia. Without this structure and considered start I would not have been able to create my first book. Her approach and knowledge in getting my idea into a framework set the direction and I’m forever grateful. It took me a while and some collaborations to finally complete. But now done! I have already recommended a number of people to Georgia and I will continue to do so. Smart, structured and caring.”

“I had the opportunity to fill up some of my spare time and saw that Georgia was helping one or two of my peers with their books. I have a very low follow through so it was important that I was coached and mentored along the way to make sure I kept up with the schedule, which while demanding was at my pace.

The process was cleverly and effective put together and I now have a really effective piece of marketing material in my armoury.

We all have a book in us, (apparently) if you want to get yours out of your head on in to Amazon, you need GG in your life!

“It is a bit early to say, but so far the book has generated us 21 referrals in 3 months, of which 6 have already had or are booked in to have initial meetings. So I’d say that’s a pretty good start as we know that even if no others booked, and no other referrals arrive, which I do expect them to, we are likely to generate around £50,000 of fees this year from these 6 new prospective clients.”

Charlie Reading, Owner at Efficient Portfolioauthor of Smart Money

“I had the idea to write a book for some time but, being a busy financial planner, could never find the time to put my thoughts onto paper and to turn it into a written form. I also had no idea about how to produce and publish the book and so I was a little in the dark as it was all outside my skill set. I had an abortive attempt to put together a book using a local editor, but it just ended in confusion as she thought that possibly I had written 2 books, but this was a useful exercise in what to do next. I had known of Georgia and her Write Business Results book service from a friend of mine who had contracted her to write a book with him. So, I contacted her and off we went. Georgia then arranged the illustrations to go with the book and then subsequently the publishing. All very painless and a huge boon to a busy person like myself.

I would have no hesitation in recommending that any aspiring author should use the Write Business Results service that Georgia provides as it is both effective and value for money.”

Max Horne, Partner at TD Armstrong Financial Planning Ltd, Owner at Max Horne Financial Services & Author of The Money Instruction Bookauthor of The Money Instruction Book

“Thanks for your efforts, getting the book launched and the message out. We sold just shy of 100 units in August, which is amazing for just 10 days. We’ve also received four 5* reviews on Amazon. If I can sell 500 units by the end of the year I’ll be very pleased and if I can sell 1000 by next summer, I’d judge it a success. Having said that, this book could feasibly be selling for years so I will take a long term view on sales numbers and 3,000 units within 5 years would be a good result.”

Jason Butler, Motivational Speaker, FT Columnist &  author of Squeezing The Orange

“A bit of feedback – the whiteboard selling book has gone down really well with the client and their partners.”

Neil Thubron, Executive Mentor/Coach, Teacher, Motivational Speaker, Event Organiser at Extreme Energy Ltd, author of TSS Whiteboard Selling

“What I enjoy most about working with Georgia is her use of tools to assist in outlining the book. This gave my ideas shape and structure and helped me get clear on what I wanted from the book. Georgia always links back to the ‘call to action’ in the last chapter, so that the book itself focuses on value, but is ultimately linked to your product or service so that readers can follow up and/or buy. Finally, Georgia is aware that stories are important. She knows how to write sticky stories, which really help readers connect.”

Isard Haasakker, Founder of No Tie Generationauthor of Make F.I.T. Your Purpose

“Working with Georgia made my book ‘blueprint’ a reality. She is great to work with. She edited and added and put my thoughts down into a book that really feels my own. It’s a big WOW looking at the finished article. If you are thinking of writing a book I have no hesitation in recommending Georgia.”

“If you want to get your great ideas and expertise into words in the form of a book, then Georgia and her team will make that happen. She helped me understand self-publishing  and develop a framework for creating future content. She is generous with her time. open with ideas and good fun to work with.”

“Georgia is THE person to go to when it comes to book writing and publishing. I met her in person few times but I’ve been on her ClubHouse room, Facebook and LinkedIn for months now. She is the most genuine person I met. She looks after her clients (me!) and gives amazing advices that I can put in practise with great results. Shh! I cant spill out the beans as my book will be published in 2022 and I want to keep all the secrets for me! But hell, watching your other clients and all the awards and best seller categories … I know I will be there too! Thank you Georgia for your patience and super useful advices

Bilyana Georgieva

“I would like to thank Georgia so so much for all her help thus far…. I’ve honestly had the best couple of Personal Branding strategy sessions I’ve ever had. That’s from both Ivan and Georgia. Again, thank you.

Lauren Lepley-Caldon

“Having had Georgia in my world for the last couple of years, I am in no doubt that there is no other team that can help me get the essence of my story, knowledge & experience out there in the world in my book, podcast and blog. The guidance in not only the content creation, formatting and structure alongside the marketing know how of getting out there in the world so that it delivers the value to my readers and generates me more business – If you are an expert in what you do and have a book in you (which we all do) then I highly recommend this programme.

Lisa Catto

“So so pleased with the service I received today. Georgia is professional, friendly, caring and passionate. Her knowledge of the industry combined with her expert tips and advice on starting a book gave me so much confidence and drive to get started. I feel so eager and raring to go to start my book journey with her. Looking foward to when the dream becomes a reality and it’s all thanks to Georgia. I’m already eager to use her services again as we further the progress with my book. Thank you so much Write Business Results Ltd!!

Kelsey Davis

“For a few years I’ve wanted to write a book and Georgia came highly recommended. If you want your book to do well and have an impact, you need to speak to Georgia.”

Steven Green, Founder of The Property Investment Academyauthor of Safe As Houses: From Soldier To Property Millionaire

“The whole team were wonderful in helping me to have a great experience in publishing my first book, thank you for such an amazing experience.”

Fran Nguyen, Founding Member of Global Impactors and Flourishnow88@blogspot.comauthor of Matters of Life

“The process was great, it took 5 hours to write my book including 4 hours of calls and 1 hour of editing. It was a really efficient process and being able to spare only 5 hours was easily achievable.”

Graeme Hall, Managing Director of Sales Blueprintauthor of The Secrets to a Successful Sales Operation

“Write Business Results really understood what I wanted to get from writing a book. My book is exactly how I wanted it to look, so I was very impressed with the end result.”

Tim Guest, Managing Director at Zoedaleauthor of You’re Hired! How to Get Employed