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This call will help you gain clarity on exactly what that support needs to look like for you and your business.

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Get real clarity on how to convert your scores into action.

This call will help you gain clarity on exactly what that support needs to look like for you and your business.





These 3 simple actions will boost your clarity and create a roadmap. Georgia will work with you 1-on-1 through this call to make that happen.

If you don't believe it's possible, just ask these folks...

“After signing with publisher Wiley, I hired Write Business Results to help me write my business book. Their publishing support is excellent – they helped me to map my book out, transcribed my content videos and prepared my book for submission to my publisher. After publishing, I also launched my podcast with Write Business Results’ help. Write Business Results took my story and ideas and applied their process to turn them into a Top 20 book that helps me grow my business.

“Georgia and the team go above and beyond to help your message come to life in your book. The sign of a true professional company is that no matter what, they want you to be happy and will make sure you are matched with the right support along the way.

Setting up all the accounts and the techie side of it all stresses me so to have it taken taken off my hands was heaven so I was free to be creative to author my book from the heart without stress,

I really do recommend WBR 10/10

That’s why I’m coming back for more assistance with book no2.

Thanks to all the team x”

Caroline Sanderson, author of The Salon Jedi

My advice would be stop thinking and take some action. I did and I wish I’d have done it earlier. Georgia will map out the journey, guide you through the process and share an abundance of hints and tips throughout. Her knowledge, experience and expertise is worth its weight in gold. So be an action taker, not an excuse maker and get in touch with Georgia and her team of book writing experts. You’ll have heaps of fun as well.

Listen to Gavin Scott’s podcast: Finding Gold Dust

“Absolutely FANTASTIC experience working with Georgia and her incredible team. Thanks to their help and support, I was able to hit bestseller status in not one, but FOUR categories on the same day in just 7 days in a very saturated space. I cannot recommend the team highly enough.

To say they care would be an understatement – I really felt they went above and beyond to help me launch a book I’m proud of. I’ve now got another 3 different ideas for books I’d like to work on and I will most certainly be working with Georgia’s team again!

“I had the opportunity to fill up some of my spare time and saw that Georgia was helping one or two of my peers with their books. I have a very low follow through so it was important that I was coached and mentored along the way to make sure I kept up with the schedule, which while demanding was at my pace.

The process was cleverly and effective put together and I now have a really effective piece of marketing material in my armoury.

We all have a book in us, (apparently) if you want to get yours out of your head on in to Amazon, you need GG in your life!“

Doug Bennett, author of Think Simple Win Big: How to Build the Business of Your Dreams With a Few Simple Goals and  you can listen to his podcast here.

About Georgia

Georgia Kirke is an award-winning entrepreneur, publishing consultant and speaker based in the UK. She combines her passion for the power of books with her love of helping successful business leaders communicate their core messages and connect with others by sharing their values, personality, creativity and unique capabilities. Established in January 2016 Write Business Results works with busy growth focused entrepreneurs to become published authors in order to grow their business, become the industry expert and own the space they’re in.

Georgia founded Write Business Results after being asked by entrepreneurs:

“How do I get my message out there in an intelligent format that sticks?”

“How can I write about my business without spending hours slaving away at the keyboard?” 

“Now I have my business book, how do I make sure it converts into business results?”

Write Business Results was designed to solve these problems by coupling an intelligent creative team with results-driven processes. Entrepreneurs from all industries have access to a 360 publishing support solution taking care of the planning, production, publishing, promotion and the evergreen marketing of your best possible content. Georgia has a professional background in business development and advising for internationally recognized business coaching organisation Strategic Coach®. Georgia holds an MSc in International Political Communication and a BA Honours in English Literature.

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