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Our BUSINESS book services are designed to help growth-focused leaders share their ideas in the purest form on paper.

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Guy Remond
Technical Team Culture – The Operating System

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Melanie Eusebe
Financial Wellness and How to Find It

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The Hidden Edge

Book Services

We provide premium book services to help you bring your book to life in the best possible way for your audience.

SPEAK YOUR BOOK Bring your book to life through your voice – no writing required
AUTHOR COACHING Create a high-quality business book with expert guidance

EDITING AND PROOFREADING Get your manuscript ready with our professional editing team

DESIGN Stand out from the crowd with impressive imagery and a professional finish

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Marketing Services

Getting pen to paper isn’t the only challenge when publishing a book. The toughest challenge is getting the right eyes on it. We have tried and tested methods to make sure you target the right audience at launch & beyond.

Our Results

100% of books we’ve launched since January 2022 have become an Amazon #1 Best Seller.
100% of authors who use our Bestselling Book Launch Checklist reach Top 10 in their categories on Amazon.
100% of clients surveyed would recommend us to their connections.

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