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Learn how to leverage the tried and tested Content Creation Process™, responsible for generating our authors an additional £80,000 - £120,000 in year 1 alone!

Dear Ambitious author,

Are you excited about the idea of becoming an author, but just don’t know where to start?
Perhaps you have tried (on multiple occasions) to create an awesome book, blog or podcast, but just end up losing focus, and procrastinating (writer’s block got you good!)

Maybe you are already creating content, and loving it – but getting no real engagement from your audience?

Or possibly (and perhaps worst of all!) you have a million great ideas racing through your head, with no way to structure it into that bestselling book you have always dreamt of having.

There are TONS of reasons why creating content is hard, and when it’s hard it feels like a chore, makes you resent the process and ultimately give up hope altogether.
But here’s the thing…

…content creation doest have to be a long, laborious task of banging your head against a wall for days on end.

If you have the right strategy, you can create awesome, highly valuable, super engaging content without ever having to worry about:

-The dreaded writer’s block

-Wasting hours every day and getting nowhere

-Spending a fortune on a content creation team

-Not knowing what to say


Write Business Results’ Content Creation Process™

The Content Creation Process™ is an easy to learn, highly effective way to churn out amazing content (book, blog or podcast) that resonates with your ideal clients.

In fact, it’s so effective that when implemented correctly it can be used to generate between 80,000 – 120,000 of new revenue in 12 months of your content being published!

This process has been carefully designed give you massively clarity on who you are as an author and exactly what you want your content to achieve.

Once we know that, the process will reverse engineer these goals so that your content matches up perfectly to your ideal clients, resulting in a highly engaged audience, more business enquiries and a massive increase in your bottom line.

And the good news is that for the next few weeks, we will be showing you exactly how it works…

WBR’s Brand & Content Strategy Session

If you want to discover how the Content Creation Process can help you create the kind of content you’ve always wanted, why not join one of our action packed Brand and Content Strategy sessions in December?

In these 2, high intensity one-on-one sessions, our WBR specialists, Ivan (Senior Content Developer) and Rebecca (Personal Branding Consultant) will work closely with you to build up a robust content strategy which will allow you to get all those amazing ideas out of your head, and into a format that can add immense value to your ideal clients life!

4 Hour Brand & Content Strategy Session £500 + VAT Now Starting at £297

Here is what to expect from the session:

Session 1 – The Content Creation Process.

This 2 hour session will be specifically focused on mapping out a strategic content plan. We will work out what your goals are, and reverse engineer all the content to help you achieve those high end goals.

We will also be building out an entire plan/structure for your content medium of choice whether that’s a book, blog or podcast.

Session 2 – How To Create, Launch And Monetise Your 6-Figure Content

The next 2 hour session will provide you with a detailed plan on exactly what you need to do to launch and promote your book, blog or podcast.

This is the EXACT method used by our authors to generate over six figures in 12 months – you definitely don’t want to miss it.

Oh, and we will also give you a discount too…

4 Hour Brand & Content Strategy Session £500 + VAT Now Starting at £297

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4 Hour Brand & Content Strategy Session £500 + VAT Now Starting at £297

1 X 4-Hour Video Call To Map Out Your Bigger Personal Brand Picture And Complete Your Strategic Content Plan

Receive Your Book Structure And/Or Your Blog/Podcast Publishing Schedule, Reverse Engineered To Match Your Required Business Results

Access Tailored Recommendations To Create, Launch And Monetise Your 6-Figure Content

Investment Level £347 + VAT

until 16th December