4 Valuable Blog Posts To Elevate Your Content Strategy This Year

4 Valuable Blog Posts To Elevate Your Content Strategy This Year

By The WBR Team

Happy New Year! Last year, the WBR team composed a new mission statement that encapsulates our core purpose and what we do. 

Empowering entrepreneurs to share the ideas, knowledge, and stories that are under the threat of never being told.

This vision was at the core of every piece of content we produced, and we’re incredibly proud to say that – to a very large extent – we achieved it. And we’re forging ahead in 2024 with this same mission.

To start the new year off, we wanted to revisit some of our blogs, which we believe will be highly beneficial for anyone looking to share their ideas with the world and elevate their content strategy in 2024.

Our 5-step Result-driven Process For Creating (And Launching) Amazing Content

First things first – what does your current content strategy look like? If you’re simply winging it without having a proper process in place, chances are you’ll struggle with consistency and achieving any real results.

This blog looks at our result-driven roadmap for creating and launching amazing content. It’s the same one responsible for our 100 per cent Amazon bestseller launch streak since January 2022. 

Here’s a preview of our unique process –  read the full blog to find out what each step entails:

We all have a story inside us. However, you need a clear-cut process to transform that chaotic mass of ideas into a masterpiece that will inspire your audience to take action. You could dive head-on into content creation – hoping to untangle the snarled web along the way – but this could lead to even more chaos.

Here’s an overview of our award-winning Content Creation Process™ condensed into five easy steps:

  • Plan
  • Produce
  • Publish
  • Promote
  • Propel

3 Refreshingly Simple Steps To Beat The Blank Page And De-stress Content Creation

We all understand the importance of publishing high-quality content consistently. But it still doesn’t make it easier. If you’re struggling to create content for your business, this blog post from our Founder, Georgia Kirke, breaks down three simple ways to destress content creation.

Read on for a quick extract explaining why the first step is to understand the way you think:

Often, people will tell me that one of the reasons they procrastinate over content creation is because they “over-think”. 

But what I’ve discovered from working with entrepreneurs and thought leaders from a multitude of backgrounds is that we all think differently. What you might describe as “over-thinking” could just be the natural way in which your brain processes information. 

People who think less analytically and learn by doing may appear hasty or slapdash to an analytical thinker. But of course, the quick-start types argue they get things done quicker. 

There’s no right or wrong thinking style with content creation. However, understanding your natural strengths and preferences will help you to find a process that works well for you. And, of course, it’ll affect the type of content you create. Short, snappy sentences, anyone? Or longer, more formatted paragraphs? And whilst that is your preference, how does your ideal client prefer to consume content? It’s another thing to take into consideration. 

Either way, don’t force yourself to operate in a zone of weakness. Rather, play to your natural strengths when creating and if it needs a polish later, iterate or delegate!

Speak Your Content To Life With These 3 Storytelling Tips

We believe that everyone has a story to tell. However, turning the chaotic pile of ideas in your head into high-quality, high-impact content is no mean feat. This blog from our Founder, Georgia, and Ivan Meakins, WBR’s Head of Content, breaks down some actionable tips to help you ignite your creative spark and structure your ideas.

Here’s one of their suggestions – read the article for more!

One thing the best speakers, content creators, and non-fiction writers have in common is their ability to anchor their content and slowly draw their audience in until they’re completely hooked. They often start with a familiar story or anecdote, tying it in with the overall theme and then using it as a vehicle to convey their unique message.

This technique does far more than just serve as an interesting opener – it makes your content memorable, imbuing it with deeper meaning and sticks to your audience like glue. But more than that, it can provide a clear structure and direction for the rest of your content.

Begin by drawing your audience in with a familiar story or a scenario they could easily envision themselves in. This could be a popular business story, a personal experience you’ve had, or even a reference to history. Once you’ve done this, think about the lessons you can draw from the story to effectively drive your point home.

A Toy Story: How To Turn Your Bad Ideas Into Creative Masterpieces

Fun fact: many entrepreneurs often hold off on publishing content because they feel their ideas are too terrible to have any genuine impact. This blog from Ivan shows us how even the worst ideas can be turned into creative masterpieces.

And it all begins with a toy story.

If you have to kick off the new year with only ONE insight for content creation, let it be this:

As creatives, we often believe that our ideas need to be a hit straight off the bat. If they aren’t, then they’re not worth developing at all. According to Steven Pressfield in his book, The War Of Art, something holds people back from creating. The fear of creating something terrible (and getting judged for it) stalls your pen in the air. 

But here’s the thing. Looking for perfection right off the bat is incredibly flawed and actually gets in our way a lot more often than we think. To truly create impactful content that people will remember for generations to come, you have to wade through countless mediocre creations before hitting the jackpot.

Do you feel more confident about your content strategy for 2024?

If you’d welcome professional support to turn your ideas into high-quality, impactful content, book a Clarity Call to find out how our team of experts can help.

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