Use These Two Proven Tips To Launch An Amazon Best Seller In 2024

Use These Two Proven Tips To Launch An Amazon Best Seller In 2024

By The WBR Team

There’s a lot that goes into publishing a business book and achieving that #1 spot on Amazon. It involves an understanding of how the algorithm works and having a strategic marketing plan.

This article focuses on the latter – how to build a marketing plan for a successful book launch. To find out more about how the Amazon algorithm works, check out this blog

Recently, Regina Mangan, Founder of Liberty Blue Estate Agents (and our Content Creator of the Month), launched her new book, How To Build A Smarter, Faster, Better Estate Agency Business. Within its first week of launch, Regina’s book hit #1 in one of Amazon’s real estate categories.

The good news is that just like Regina, your book can actually reach that #1 bestseller spot. You just have to follow these proven marketing tips.

1. Establish your credibility well ahead of launch day

If you’ve read any of our previous content on Amazon Best Sellers and book launch campaigns, you’ll probably know why it’s so important to prime your network ahead of launch day. You want to build readers’ anticipation and let your audience know that something is in the works for them.

However, it’s crucial to understand that successful book promotion hinges on offering genuine value to your audience. You’re not just talking about your book – you’re providing insights and valuable tips for your audience that relate to the book’s core message. 

What this means is that the mere presence of your book in the market isn’t what drives sales; it’s the promise it holds. It’s the knowledge that the book was written by a credible authority with experience and real insights that could change their lives and careers for the better. 

This means that if you haven’t already been engaging with your audience in this way, you need to start doing so before starting proper book promotion. Earn their trust by consistently offering them valuable content and let them see that your book is just a part of a larger wealth of knowledge and solutions you provide.

When your audience receives value from you with no strings attached, they’ll be more willing to trust you and ultimately buy your book. 

In Regina’s case, she had been consistently posting valuable content on LinkedIn for years, building up a strong following. In the weeks ahead of launch day, she also created an email sequence that contained actionable insights for entrepreneurs looking to build better businesses. This way, she could also directly reach out to people who specifically wanted to be contacted about the book.

This meant that when it finally hit the shelves, she already had a close-knit tribe of willing readers.

2. What’s in it for them?

This tip is closely linked to our previous point. As consumers, we’re naturally drawn to incentives and rewards. Before making any purchase decision, we often think: “What’s in it for me?”

The same psychology applies to book sales and promotion. Readers always want an incentive – whether it’s something intangible like a promise to change their lives or a more tangible offer such as a limited discount.

This specific consumer behaviour was an integral part of Regina’s launch campaign. For the first three days after her book hit the shelves, buyers were entitled to a 50 per cent discount. This drove more people to grab a copy for themselves, thus boosting her sales and shooting her book up the charts.

While you don’t need to put out a special offer or discount to reach  #1 on Amazon, ensure that at every point in your launch campaign, you’re clearly answering your audience’s question of, “What’s in it for me?”

This way, you’ll generate more interest in your book, making it easier to climb up the bestseller chart. 

Have you found any of these tips helpful?

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Congratulations to Regina Mangan once again! Regina is the Founder of Liberty Blue Estate Agents and bestselling author of How To Build A Smarter, Faster, Better Estate Agency Business

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