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“I was thinking about writing a book for years. I wanted to write the book myself but with professional help because I never thought of myself as a writer. Writing and publishing a book, especially your first book, is massive and you really never get around to actually doing it because you don’t know how to start. When I looked online into finding a ghost-writer to help me write my book I found a few ghost-writers online but they were either vague about the cost or about how long it would take to publish the book, or about how the process works.

“I wanted certainty and I wanted it quick. A few months ago a client of mine told me he wanted to publish a book so I was really surprised when less than 16 weeks later he already had the book written, printed and sold through Amazon. When I asked him how he did it he told me that he worked with a lovely lady called Georgia, who helped one of his clients to write his own book and that she had a process that made you a the author of a real business book in approximately 4 months with a set fixed fee. A couple of days later I called Georgia, we discussed my business development objectives and reasons for writing a book, she shared the Book Creation Process so I could see how it would all work, and then she told me her charges. What Georgia charges is far less than what I thought having learned about the process and everything the done-for-you business book package includes, and it included everything I needed, plus elements of writing and publishing a book I hadn’t even realised I’d have to consider. And as she promised, a few months later my book was published.

“I highly recommend Georgia. She is lovely, highly professional and hugely passionate about what she does.”

Yair Cohen, Founding Partner of Cohen Davis, author of

The Net Is Closing: birth of the e-police




“Let Georgia write your book. She’ll get it done.”

Rob Warner, CEO of Unicorn PPC, soon to be author of

The Customer Engineers: Turning Online Browsers Into Offline Customers




“Working with Georgia made my book ‘blueprint’ a reality. She is great to work with. She edited and added and put my thoughts down into a book that really feels my own. It’s a big WOW looking at the finished article. If you are thinking of writing a book I have no hesitation in recommending Georgia.”    

Mark Bradley, Partner at True Potential LLP, author of

A Business Owner’s Guide: Create Your Future With The Three Common Sense Principles




“It is a bit early to say, but so far the book has generated us 21 referrals in 3 months, of which 6 have already had or are booked in to have initial meetings. So I’d say that’s a pretty good start as we know that even if none others booked, and no other referrals arrives, which I expect them to, we are likely to generate around £50,000 of fees this year from these 6.”             

Charlie Reading, Efficient Portfolio, author of

My Dream Retirement



WBR Books Pic




“What I enjoy most about working with Georgia is her use of tools to assist in outlining the book. This gave my ideas shape and structure and helped me get clear on what I wanted from the book. Georgia always links back to the ‘call to action’ in the last chapter, so that the book itself focuses on value, but is ultimately linked to your product or service so that readers can follow up and/or buy. Finally, Georgia is aware that stories are important. She knows how to write sticky stories, which really help readers connect.”

Isard Haasakker, Founder of No Tie Generation, author of

Make F.I.T. Your Purpose




“For many people like me, the idea of writing a book is a dream, something that would be great to do but has been on my to-do list for way too long. I didn’t know where to start, but I knew if I had the right help, something would happen. Working with Georgia makes it all possible and easy – all I needed to do is share my concept and content, and the rest is managed for me powered along by the mutual enthusiasm we both have for the project. Without Georgia, my book would have always been a pipe dream, and not the reality and excitement it is becoming.”          

David Braithwaite, Citrus Financial Management Ltd, Citrus Conveyancing Ltd, Citrus Accountancy Ltd, Citrus Healthcare Consulting Limited, soon to be published



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