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Promoting Your Book


Leverage your book, grow your business!





It’s all very well having a book, but what are you going to do with it? Do you have a plan? In order to maximise your book’s money-making power, you need a strategy. If that’s not something you want to handle, let us help.



The reality is there are numerous money-making opportunities for your business with a book. With all of the different marketing platforms available today, this is an area which is really only limited by imagination.



The right book marketing strategy will create a buzz and generate new revenue through routes other than book sales, such as converting prospects into clients and opening doors to thought leadership opportunities and PR.





Brilliant ways to leverage your book include:


  • Creating a brand

  • Creating new marketing content

  • Launching related products or services

  • Promotional events

  • Book paid speaking gigs

  • Run mastermind groups

  • Video, film and documentaries

  • Form strategic partnerships and affiliate programs

  • Maximise you referral collateral



You may also want tailored, creative, content marketing support for your book promotion, such as:


  • Blogs

  • Social media articles/updates

  • Website content

  • Landing page

  • Marketing emails for your database

  • A launch event

  • Reports to download

  • Brochures


We work with you to come up with specific ideas and actions relevant to your marketing goals, and then manage and execute your campaign.




See returns on your investment without the expense and hassle of working with a traditional publisher. Your marketing strategy covers pre- and post-launch, making sure you’re able to maximise your book’s revenue-generating power.


We run the campaign for you as well as create it and provide the promotional content – it’s a complete book marketing solution. We partner with expert writers, artists and graphic designers to fulfil every content and design need. Your dedicated project manager will keep it all running smoothly.


Who is it for?

All authors and would-be authors who want a book and the rewards without interruption to their schedule.



Book a complementary consultation with Georgia to discuss your book and your campaign