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Georgia Kirke

Founder & Director

Georgia is a uniquely qualified writer, coach and entrepreneur who takes pride in producing seamless, original and creative books with the power to make you money!


Georgia believes that your business is an extension of your personality and values, which is exactly what your prospects need to see. Self-expression is the key to success in our content-heavy world, and a book is THE only marketing tool with the power to sell the force behind the business.


Combining her work with hundreds of entrepreneurs for a world-leading business coaching company with her previous corporate and academic training, Georgia has fine-tuned a writing process designed specifically to fit her business book clients. Georgia truly understands the opportunities and challenges facing today’s entrepreneurs and what matters to them the most.


She and her team provide a service which simplifies the writing process and gives successful business leaders the opportunity to package their expert content, connect with more prospective clients and increase their revenue, all without the hassle.


Noticing a pressing need for trustworthy, intelligent, highly skilled writers who also understand marketing, entrepreneurship and who can contribute to the conversation, Georgia says,


“Successful business owners know they can’t do it all themselves and unless writing is one of the activities they’re most passionate about, they need it to be owned and managed by someone else who cares as much about their success as they do.”


Business owners can get very stuck in the day to day running of their business and need support from others with complementary talents and interests to maintain productivity and growth. This is where Write Business Results fits in;


“The best marketing an entrepreneur can do is to allow their clients and prospects to see who they really are. They are their business’ driving force, so when they are in their natural element and showing others what’s unique about themselves and their business, they create ongoing value and new opportunities for everyone involved. A book provides an invaluable opportunity for prospects to connect with the business owner, before even having met them.”


In an age where people buy from people, having that chance to put yourself out there and educate your marketplace as to why you’re the leader is critical.


“In creating Write Business Results, I wanted to provide busy, successful entrepreneurs with a hassle-free, accessible, professional writing service to turn their ideas into realities and get their knowledge and expertise out into the world, whilst enabling them to build relationships with people who want their services in the most effective way possible.”


The result?


Your own personal masterpiece that no-one can copy or reproduce. Having your own business book is a powerful and highly respected way to be seen, heard, influence, educate and sell.


Contact us today [link to contact] to get your message out there and join the ranks of the world’s business elite.