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Our Story


“Working with Georgia made my book ‘blueprint’ a reality. She is great to work with. She edited and added and put my thoughts down into a book that really feels my own. It’s a big WOW looking at the finished article. If you are thinking of writing a book I have no hesitation in recommending Georgia.”

Mark Bradley, Partner at True Potential LLP, Author of ‘A Business Owner’s Guide: Create Your Future With The Three Common Sense Principles’




Want a result like Mark’s?

You can with Write Business Results. We are a revolutionary business book company, created specifically for successful entrepreneurs.




We do books differently.


We know entrepreneurs love simplicity, so we simplify what appears to be complex with our unique Book Creation Process.


We deliver high quality business books and book marketing campaigns for successful entrepreneurs and business owners with a lot to say, but little time or inclination to sit down and write.




We package your uniqueness and your expertise.

As an entrepreneur, you create value in the world in a very special way. Your expertise and uniqueness are carefully packaged using our book creation process, allowing you to make meaningful connections with all the right people.




You are the author but we do the writing, design & publication.


Why? So that you’re free to focus on the activities you love the most while reaping the benefits of having your name and knowledge in print. With Write Business Results, all your business book requirements are managed in one place.






Where Do We Come From?


Write Business Results was founded in 2015 by Georgia when she was asked by one entrepreneur, “I want a book, but I don’t really have the time to write it. What can you recommend?”


Georgia went back over years of writing she’d done creatively, as one of her favourite hobbies, academically, during her MSc in International Political Communication, Advocacy & Campaigning  and BA Hons in English Literature, and professionally, in the form of blog posts, case studies and articles for various private sector organisations to find the pattern that made intelligent, compelling pieces of writing work.


What she came up with was the Book Creation Process now used with all Write Business Results clients, enabling them to become published authors of high quality business books in just 10-15 hours of their time.


Working with a team of exceptional writer, editors, designers and project managers, all trained in the WBR process, Georgia loves working with unique and successful business leaders to help them take ownership of their niche and create their legacy.





How does the Book Creation Process work?